Essential Gate Safety

Beninca UK are at the forefront of the UK gate automation industry. As a manufacturer and distributor of quality gate automation products we understand our responsibility to offer compliant gate automation products and professional advice to our installers.

  1. What is Beninca Essential Safety?

    With a new unique logo, our Beninca Essential Safety focus is an initiative and education programme aimed at all our customers and prospective customers in order to raise gate safety awareness. As one of the world’s leading manufacturers of gate automation equipment, Beninca take on board our responsibility and at our UK branch we go above and beyond our call of duty. Since the most publicised tragedies of 2010 we have made vast safety improvements to our product with industry leading safety features, but by far, the biggest change has been in the knowledge and education that we provide.

    Our customers often rely on us for product specification but more frequently, on safety advice. As a distributor, sat in an office it can sometimes create quite a challenge for us – we simply cannot provide a risk assessment over a telephone. However, we can provide the right information for how to perform a risk assessment and helping our customers understand their legal requirements is exactly what we aim to do.

    So how do we do this?

    DHF Guide to Gate Safety Legislation
    As proud members of the DHF we regularly distribute the most recognised industry guide to gate safety legislation. View oour download area to get your copy. The only independent guide in the market that is endorsed by the HSE and offers clear and precise information for the modern day gate installer.

    Beninca UK Handover Pack
    Free with every kit we offer a full gate system handover pack. With information of how to use the gate system safety as well as how to manually release your gates, our glossy handover pack is the perfect solution to help you professionally complete the installation and perform the all important hand-over. With pages to take out of the handover pack you have a copy for you and a copy for your customer – perfect!

    Technical File Creation – Our USB stick
    Released in 2013, we have tried our hardest to take the hard work out of paper work. As busy men and women, our customers have little time for paperwork and the technical file of your gate system is very important. We have taken on board all your requirements and simplified them in regards to providing editable PDF files and quick data entry form to help you store all the correct information for your technical file, that you have the then store for 10 years.

    Beninca Risk Assessment Form – Editable PDF!
    To create your technical file, you must offer your risk assessment. Our biggest message is that the all important requirement for you as a gate installer, is your understanding of how to efficiently and correct carry out a risk assessment. After all, by law, your biggest responsibility is ‘to provide an adequate risk assessment’.

    As our industry continues to modernise and take on board new generation tech, we have found that a majority of our customers are using tablets and smartphones on site – so now you have an editable PDF risk assessment form from Beninca. Created on the European I.O.S.H guide to risk assessments you can quantify each of your risk assessments and provide a hazard rating number. With a clear figure to work from, you can document the risk, what control measure you have put in place and be satisfied that your control measure has significantly dropped your hazard rating number to a ‘negliagble’ risk – then save the document for your technical file.

    It couldn’t be easier, so sign up to have access to our Risk Assessment Form.

DHF LOGO_600pxWe are proud members of the DHF Powered Gate Group. The Powered Gate Group represents manufacturers, suppliers, installers and maintainers of powered automatic gates, and equipment used on such gates, who demonstrate their credentials of quality, safety and adherence to high technical and safety compliance standards. With ever increasing membership numbers, the independent body of the DHF provides a platform for its members to follow a code of conduct as well as offering many commercial benefits to your company.

For more information, and on how to join the DHF Powered Gate Group, please visit:

Beninca UK are also supporters of the Gate Safe initiative and registered charity. Gate Safe was set up in 2010, in the wake of the tragic deaths of two children crushed by automated gates, in separate accidents. Gate Safe, which has been commended by the Health & Safety Executive (HSE) for its ‘pioneering approach’ was established to improve the understanding of existing legislation and standards, and to offer further guidance in ‘plain English’ to aid the interpretation of what constitutes a safe gate. The charity focuses on raising awareness of the critical safety issues associated with powered gates amongst the wide range of professionals associated with these types of installations, via training and education.

For more information on Gate Safe, please

Gate Safety Training

DHF LOGO_600pxDHF Powered Gate Safety Assured Diploma – 2 day Gate Safety Training Course
The installation and maintenance of powered gates, from a safety and security point of view, is taken very seriously by the Beninca and the DHF.

The two day course has been specifically designed for companies and individuals who install powered gates. However, it is also suitable for manufacturers and component suppliers. The training course is considered to be the most comprehensive in Europe.

Course Overview & Content

The primary aim of the courses is to ensure safety standards are prioritised and each candidate is fully assessed before being awarded the diploma. Companies who are members of DHF and who send individuals on the training course will be permitted to use the DHF Safety Assured logo. The company will also be listed on the DHF official register of approved installers on the DHF website.

The powered gate safety training course is now also open to companies and individuals who are not members of the DHF. In this case the successful diploma holder will receive a certificate and identity badge in the normal way. However, neither the company nor the individual will be able to display the Safety Assured logo.

The two-day course will cover:-

> Law & regulations
> Use of standards
> Risk assessment
> Testing and inspection
> Documentation
> Repair and maintenance

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