This month sees us open our new Training Centre at our premises in Newbury, Berkshire. Many months in the making, we were pleased to open the doors to the training room on Tuesday 11th August, hosting our first two-day DHF Diploma Gate Safety course. The state of the art rooms means we can now offer our customers even more support and provide better, more hands-on product training.

Our technical adviser Mark Crewe said “With the amount of kit that we sell and as our customer base continues to grow, it is only natural that we have an increased demand for technical support. I manage to provide telephone support on a daily basis but now I can extend invitations to come and see us at our new training centre to go through things together. In my experience, cutting things at source in terms of offering the right training on a product does reduce the amount of calls coming in on a daily basis and also gives the customer a chance to meet the team and put faces to names!”

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