Heavy Duty Electromechanical Underground Operator

Product Information


Electromechanical, irreversible geared heavy duty underground operator.

DU.350N – 230Vac Heavy duty underground operator for gate leafs up to 4m
DU.350NV – 230Vac Heavy duty underground operator for gate leafs up to 3m *FAST*
DU.350NVE – 230Vac Heavy duty underground operator for gate leafs up to 3m – motor equipped with an encoder




domesticLarge Domestic

light_commercialLight Commercial


multiSuitable for multi user




en_standardsEN Standards

encoderMotor with encoder


Control Panel & Features


DU.350 kits are supplied with the full feature BRAINY control panel.


> Step by step input
> Electronic force adjustment
> Diagnostics LCD display
> Built in 433.93Mhz radio receiver
> Separate encoder inputs for each motor
> Separate slow down during open and close for each motor
> 8.2Kohm Safety edge input – wire direct into the board
> Maglock / lock output

Part Numbers


DU.350N – Motor Only – 230Vac
DU.350NV – Motor Only – 230Vac
DU.350NVE – Motor Only – 230Vac *motor equipped with an encoder

Kit Codes


Our kits come complete with the following:
1 x Control Panel
1 x Pair of PUPILLA Photocells
1 x AW 433.92Mhz aerial
2 x TO.GO 2 button transmitters (Rolling Code or Dip Switch)
1 x Beninca UK Customer Handover Pack
KDU.350N – Pair Kit – 230Vac
KDU.350NV – Pair Kit – 230Vac
KDU.350NVE – Pair Kit – 230Vac

KSDU.350N – Singe Kit – 230Vac
KSDU.350NV – Single Kit – 230Vac
KSDU.350NVE – Single Kit – 230Vac

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