85mm profile ASO resistive safety edge - f clip (PLUG N SENSE)


Product Information

PUSH ON ON STYLE – Sentir range

As-seen-on-Shed-logoGEF Series is chosen by many of our installers due to the high performance and neat design of the F Foot rubber profile that hides the aluminium backing for a more discreet industrial edge.

This is a PUSH ON, F FOOT edge, part of the SENTIR range. The rubber profile clips around the edge of the aluminium – the aluminium is NOT visible after installation. This profile is available to purchase in 25m rolls and assemble yourself, or give us your edge requirements and we will per-assemble the edge(s) for you.

This profile uses the AL35-14 aluminium edge as detailed below – for further technical data and dimensions, see documents above.

Part Numbers


GEF85/mtr – GEF85 ST – 85mm Safety edge rubber profile | This profile is available in 25m rolls
AL30-10 – AL30-10 – Aluminium for GEF45 / GEF65 / GEF85 profiles | Available in max 5m lengths
KS8W-85 – KS8W-85 8.2Kohm resistor for GEF85 profile – includes end cap – push on style
KS8L2.5m-85 – KS8L2.5m-85 Cable end – 2.5m of cable – includes end cap – push on style

Pre Made Safety Edges


Give us the length and profile that you require and we will make your ASO resistive edges for you and send to your address, or even to site.

Order the following codes for pre-made safety edges (GEF85 85mm profile):
GEF851.0m – Up to 1.0m 85mm profile safety edge – res or thru
GEF851.5m – Up to 1.5m 85mm profile safety edge – res or thru
GEF852.0m – Up to 2.0m 85mm profile safety edge – res or thru
GEF852.5m – Up to 2.5m 85mm profile safety edge – res or thru
GEF853.0m – Up to 3.0m 85mm profile safety edge – res or thru
*Longer sizes are available on special request

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