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Offering unrivalled quality and value for money, the Telguard range of Optimus intercoms have been re-engineered from the inside out. With key features built-in, these intercoms not only look great, but work beautifully too.

  • New shallow profile
  • Integral rain shield
  • Technology built-in (no seperate GSM hub)
  • Backlit
  • Robust, reliable keypad



Key features


Time clock

  • Out of hours divert facility
    Ring the caretaker’s mobile outside of school hours.
  • Time and date restricted pin codes
    Coded entry access available for cleaner once a week within restricted hours.
  • Timed relay commands
    Gates latched open for warehouse deliveries each weekday morning.
  • Unsociable hours shut down
    Call button restricted between 23:00 & 07:00; 7 days a week.
  • Time and date restricted incoming calls
    Contractor access via authorised dial-in until designated expiration date.
  • Keypad illumination adjustment
    Reduced illumination level at night to discourage vandalism.

SMS alerts

  • Service alert
    Customised text message sent to site on a specific date advising their gates are due for service.
  • Aux input triggered
    Text message sent advising push to exit button has been pressed.
  • Bad entry keypad lockout
    Text message sent when incorrect code entered consecutively on keypad resulting in lockout.
  • Call button pressed
    Text message sent to 5 different mobile numbers advising a visitor has pressed a call button.
  • PAYG balance check (were Optimus® SIM not fitted)
    Text message sent at regular customised intervals advising SIM card balance on PAYG.
  • Confirmation of relay trigger request
    Text message sent confirming you have text the intercom requesting the gates to be latched open & command acknowledged.
  • Loop alert
    Text message sent when car drives over the entrance loop.

Activity log

  • Diagnostic checks
    PSU voltage – to confirm the PSU voltage is consistent & within the recommended range. Call progress confirmation – indicates each stage of call progress through divert numbers to successful acceptance of the call & access tone confirmation. System anomaly detection.
  • Coded entry access log
    Confirms successful pin code attempts
    with their associated relay command at
    relevant time & date. These pins can also have names against each entry which are highlighted within log for ease of identification. Can be utilised for clocking-in purposes.
  • Panel usage
    Confirms the usage level of the system by logging every call attempt whether successful or not along with the duration of activity.

End user benefits


Easy to use

  • Utilises existing landline or mobile phone.
  • The ability to answer calls & allow access from anywhere in the world.
  • Self programmable via text.

Cost effective

  • Affordable install based on minimal components therefore reduced labour fees.
  • Negates the need for separate time clock to operate gates & possible fobs if authorised incoming number feature is utilised.
  • Minimal maintenance required.
  • Customisable call duration restrictions.
  • Tone setting available to avoid voice-mail & divert to further telephone numbers.
  • PAYG balance alerts.


  • 316 marine grade stainless steel vandal resistant finish.
  • Activity log downloaded locally or remotely for ad hoc analysis.
  • Authorised incoming number restriction.
  • Disguised network tones in case travelling abroad.

Complete Customisation

  • Internal time clock with 9 time profiles allowing call forwarding between specific hours, trade codes, timed relay commands, restricted use & access, all updated automatically to BST.
  • Setting adjustments including illumination levels, volume levels, call progress assistance, call & divert duration & relay activation time.
  • Self programmable for complete control.

Part Numbers


E1 Optimus 1 button GSM intercom

E1K Optimus 1 button GSM intercom with keypad

E2K Optimus 2 button GSM intercom with keypad

E3K Optimus 3 button GSM intercom with keypad

E4K Optimus 4 button GSM intercom with keypad

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