22mm Dia Dynamite Stick Loop Detector

VD909 – Diablo Controls

Product Information

Exit Sensor & 22m lead

The ‘Dynamite’ mini loop is a unique vehicle detector device in a 22mm diameter tube.

An integral ground cable runs back to a module in your control panel. Dynamite gives a pulse output when a vehicle drives over. It is not a safety device

Simple installation

Drill a 25mm hole in the middle of the driveway for the yellow sensor, then cut a shallow slot for the cable from the hole directly to the control panel (no need for loops to be cut). Connect to the small module in the control panel which has auto-setting. Fill slot with road repair material.

The cable is 22m long. The insulation is resistant to abrasion and chemical erosion, for a long life in all road types.The module works from voltages 10V to 30V. The relay has isolated contacts suitable for connecting to any control panel.

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