About gate safety

As a manufacturer and distributor of quality gate automation products we understand our responsibility to offer compliant gate automation equipment as well as professional advice to our installing customers.

Gate safety is not just about installing certain products but more about the education of gate safety legislation and understanding your requirements as a professional gate installer. As a leading manufacturer we have not taken our role within the industry lightly and we offer various initiatives and professional advice to raise gate safety awareness.

We are also proud members of the DHF Powered Gate Group and working closely with the DHF we host the Powered Gate Group Diploma safety course at our premises in Newbury, Berkshire. We have now held many courses and seen hundreds of our installing customers take and pass the two-day course. For information on the DHF Powered Gate Group training course click here.

In our experience, we are often relied upon by our installing customers to keep them up to date with the current gate safety legislation and industry news. Even if this includes basic friendly advice, this is all part of the service when purchasing through Beninca UK. This is why we have gone above and beyond the call of duty in making sure all of our sales and customer service team have been through the DHF’s powered gate group training course, which is still the UK’s most comprehensive gate safety training platform. If you have a question for a member of our team, look out for the DHF PGG logo in their personal profiles.

How else can we help you?

DHF Guide to Gate Safety Legislation

If you take a moment to view our Gate Safety Publications page, you will find the most recognised industry guide to gate safety legislation. The only independent guide in the market that is endorsed by the HSE and offers clear and precise information for today’s professional gate installer. You will also find a copy of the DHF TSS Code of Conduct which is a technical publication that supports the industry in terms of providing the most advanced installation guide for your gate system to be compliant. The TSS Code of Conduct publication is the most recognised ‘state of the art’ guide. Be sure to keep regularly checking our publications pages for the latest industry information.

Beninca UK handover pack

With information on how to use the gate system safety as well as how to manually release your gates, our glossy handover pack is the perfect solution to help you professionally complete the installation and perform the all-important hand-over. With pages to take out of the handover pack you have a copy for you and a copy for your customer – perfect!

Technical file creation – Our USB stick

As busy men and women, our customers have little time for paperwork and the technical file of your gate system is very important. We have taken on board all your requirements and simplified them in regard to providing editable PDF files and quick data entry forms to help you store all the correct information for your technical file, that you have to then store for 10 years.

Beninca risk assessment form – editable PDF!

To create your technical file, you must offer your risk assessment. Our biggest message is that the all-important requirement for you as a gate installer, is your understanding of how to efficiently and correctly carry out a risk assessment. After all, by law, your biggest responsibility is ‘to provide an adequate risk assessment’.

As our industry continues to modernise and take on board new generation tech, we have found that most of our customers are using tablets and smartphones on site. So now you have an editable PDF risk assessment form from Beninca. Created on the European I.O.S.H guide to risk assessments you can quantify each of your risk assessments and provide a hazard rating number. With a clear figure to work from, you can document the risk, what control measure you have put in place and be satisfied that your control measure has significantly dropped your hazard rating number to a ‘negligible’ risk – then save the document for your technical file.

It couldn’t be easier, so call us now on 01488 658 276 to discuss our editable PDF forms.


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