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After the success of the second gate safety conference in 2012 and the amount of positive feedback gained from the industry, ASO decided to organize a third Gate Safety Conference.

With so many questions having been raised regarding industry standards, legislation and the HSE`s involvement we feel it is our duty to update you. New initiatives have been created and focus groups formed within our industry to address the ongoing issue of gate safety awareness.

‘We feel it is necessary to stoke the fire of interest following the first 2 Gate Safety Conferences initiated. Since then a lot has improved, a lot has not. Our point of view remains the same, gate safety is not only protecting people, it is also good for business. It is not easy for installers to guarantee safety when complex regulations and standards change, when the wording is complicated and when there is a lack of training in the market.Fortunately the Powered Gate Group and market players such as EasyGates are filling this gap. That´s also the purpose of the Gate Safety Conference, to offer comprehensive information about the who, what, where and why of gate safety!’

Helmut Friedrich, Managing Director ASO Safety Solutions

For more information on the 3rd ASO Gate Safety Conference, please visit:

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