Once again Beninca UK are proud to be supporters of Gate Safety Week, raising awareness of the serious issues surrounding gate safety and educating those who are not aware of their responsibilities and legal requirements.

It has been 5 years since the two much publicised tragic accidents, involving young children being crushed to death in electric gates. The two incidents that coincidently happened within a week of each other, acted as a very loud warning to our industry. At the time the education of gate safety was poor and what was a largely unregulated industry, very few companies was were either unaware of or choosing to ignore gate safety legislation.
Since 2010, there have been other incidents but as one of the UK leading distributors of gate automation equipment, we are very pleased to see a big change in the mentality and the increased education of the installer. However, much more is still to be done.

12th – 18th October 2015

As members and proud supports of The Door & Hardware Federation’s Powered Gate Group we are pleased to see the announcement made that this year’s Gate Safety Week will between 12th – 18th October. During Gate Safety Week we will once again be highlighting the extensive measures that Beninca have gone too in offering more features to our motors and control panels as well as product highlights of all the additional safety equipment that we sell, such as ASO safety edges, force testers and finger guards.

As much as 70%, of existing powered gate installations are proving to be non-compliant

It has been quoted by the DHF and in industry news that a large percentage, as much as 70%, of existing powered gate installations are proving to be non-compliant. Our Sales Manager, Jamie Berry says “The quoted figures within the industry are very alarming and we as one of the UK’s leading suppliers of gate automation, are doing all we can. We are constantly aiming to raise awareness, improve training and even turning away business to those that we know are not installing compliant gates.

For me it is all about the message and education. As industry professionals our team and the vast majority of our installers are fully aware of the responsibilities and the legal requirements, however, the consumer – those that are paying the final bill, are still largely unaware, especially in the domestic marketplace. Campaigns such as Gate Safety Week and a joint message from the industry is the right step with regard to educating the final user. Many times the consumer or ‘end user’ will refuse to pay the bill and in a large number of cases the end users take an assumption that a quotation for additional safety equipment is nothing more than a scam to increase the order value. This is what we need to overcome and spreading the message is the way forward.”

At Beninca UK, we have invested heavily since 2010 to improve the way in which we sell the Beninca product as well as the safety message and advice that we provide. Our newly opened training centre at our premises in Newbury, Berkshire is a clear and obvious statement. We have also invested in our people, with all of our sales and specifying staff trained on gate safety with the DHF Gate Safety Assured Diploma course. In addition, we are very proud to have gone that extra mile in acting to simplify the gate safety message for our customer base. In working on The Beninca Essential Safety focus with a separate logo and initiative, we are offering our customers all the tools to create a compliant gate system, mainly through simplifying paperwork and assisting in creating technical files as required.

In working closely with ASO Safety Solutions and other suppliers we offer the full range of equipment to assist our customers in applying all the correct control measures against any risk or hazard that is identified. The products, combined with other references such as the Beninca Risk Assessment in editable PDF format, mean that our customers keep coming back to us.

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