Microtronics BLUEFORCE force tester

Key features.

  • Memory capacity – 80 tests
  • USB interface – v.2.0 specification compliant
  • BLE interface – Bluetooth version 4.1 (enabled as an option via password)
  • NFC interface – standard ISO/IEC 14443 and NFC Forum Type 4 (enabled as an option via password)
  • Power supply – 9V alkaline battery

Technical  specification.

  • Dimensions and Weight – 280x80x50mm – approx. 1.6 Kg
  • Force acq. interval – 6 sec, sampling at 1kHz
  • Force measurement range – 0-2000N (mechanical stop at approx. 2100N)
  • Force measurement resolution – 1N
  • Dynamic time measurement resolution – 0.01s
  • Maximum force measurement error margin: range from 0 to 400N – +/-1% F.S; from 400 to 1000N: +/-2% F.S; from 1000 to 2000N: +/-4% F.S;
  • CE-EMC conformity at TUV Rheinland on sample BlueForce instrument serial no.: 00981
  • Compliant with standards EN12445, EN12453, EN16005, EN60335-2-95

Product Information

microtronics logoThe new Microtronics BLUEFORCE measurement device for CE certification of power-operated gates complies with EN12445, EN12453 and EN16005 standards.
BlueSmart represents an evolution of the already acclaimed BlueForce and SpeedForce, thanks to the latest Bluetooth technology, you can now connect your SPEEDFORCE wirelessly to your smartphone or laptop.*

FREE BlueSmart upgrade

Purchase the Microtronics BLUEFORCE tester from Beninca UK and receive a FREE BlueSmart upgrade which allows your tester to connect to mobile devices via Bluetooth.


Main Features

Kits are supplied with a tough carry case with a unique design for holding the device and various (optional) accessories, including the straight extension and FTP thermal printer.

New blue led alphanumerical display: The rugged display is even brighter and clearer.

Direct display of numerical test parameters: dynamic force, dynamic time, average static force, final force.

New built-in clock: for simpler and quicker identification of the tests performed, thanks to automatic date and time stamp. Memory capacity has been increased by 60%: enabling storage of an impressive 80 tests.

USB port for connection with BlueForce software (Windows PC), view the entire test database management of the entire test database, with the option to print out your test reports for your customers.

The USB also enables you to perform future software updates.

NFC technology:** thanks to NFC technology, you can just place your smartphone on the back of the new BlueForce to read the force test directly on your phone. Complete with force/time graph and parameter readings.

* Bluetooth required.
** Optional extra – compatible with smartphones equipped with NFC and internet connection.


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