Worm screw post mounted electromechanical ram

Key features.

  • Irreversible electromechanical geared motor
  • 24v and 230v motors with encoder for maximum safety
    and precision in the gate movement
  • Versatile and reliable, suitable for a wide range of applications
  • Built in physical stops, no need for open and close gate stops
  • Available in very popular anthracite grey finish (BOB30ME.DA – 230V only)

Technical specification.

  • Amperometric sensing, obstacle detection (24v motors only)
  • Personalised manual release key for added security (BOB30ME/BOB3024)
  • Intensive use (24v motors)
  • Optional battery back-up (24v motors)
  • Solid construction with patented gear design

Product information

Electromechanical, irreversible geared worm drive post mounted ram with built-in stops.

The BOB range of post mounted electromechanical gate operators are one of our most popular products. BOB21, BOB30, and BOB50 cover all your swing gate requirements.

See related products below. View the documents tab to download further product information.

BOB 21M – 230Vac Worm Drive Ram for gate leafs up to 2.1m – built in stops
BOB 2124E – 24Vdc Worm Drive Ram for gate leafs up to 2.1m – built in stops and encoder
BOB 30ME – 230Vac Worm Drive Ram for gate leafs up to 3m – built in stop and encoder
 BOB 30ME.DA – 24Vdc Worm Drive Ram for gate leafs up to 3m – built in stops and encoder (DARK COLOUR)
BOB 3024E – 24Vdc Worm Drive Ram for gate leafs up to 3m – built in stops and encoder

*Please note the BOB ‘DARK’ model is only available in the 30ME 230v (3m) option.











Control panel & features

BOB21 & BOB30 kits are supplied with the full feature BRAINY control panel.


  • Step by step input
  • Electronic force adjustment
  • Diagnostics LCD display
  • Built in 433.93Mhz radio receiver
  • Separate encoder inputs for each motor
  • Separate slow down during open and close for each motor
  • 8.2Kohm Safety edge input – wire direct into the board
  • Maglock / lock output

Part numbers

BOB21M – RAM ONLY – 230Vac
BOB2124E – RAM ONLY – 24Vdc
BOB30ME – RAM ONLY – 230Vac
BOB30ME.DA – RAM ONLY – 230Vac
BOB3024E – RAM ONLY – 24Vdc

Kit codes

Our kits come complete with the following:
1 x Control panel
1 x Pair of PUPILLA photocells
1 x 433.92Mhz aerial long-range aerial
2 x TO.GO 2 button transmitters (rolling code or programmable code/fixed code)

KBOB21M – Pair Kit – 230Vac
KBOB2124E – Pair Kit – 24Vdc
KBOB30ME – Pair Kit – 230Vac
KBOB30ME.DA – Pair Kit – 230Vac
KBOB3024E – Pair Kit – 24Vdc

KSBOB21M – Single Kit – 230Vac
KSBOB2124E – Single Kit – 24Vdc
KSBOB30ME – Single Kit – 230Vac
KSBOB30ME.DA – Single Kit – 230Vac
KSBOB3024E – Single Kit – 24Vdc


Common accessories and spare parts

See ‘related products’ below for full product information.

BOB.SSR – Multipositional backet for BOB21-30 operator. Ideal for timber gates.

The Shed – Episode 3

The BOB30ME.DA model has been discussed in The Shed. View Episode 3 below…

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