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Home or office entry control is made easier with the Daitem digital wireless intercom system.
The Daitem wireless intercoms allow you to welcome, filter and control visitors to the home or office. You can use your Daitem system to remotely open or close entrances (pedestrian, driveway gates, garage doors, etc).

You can also activate external lighting to make access safer at night. Along with switching on heating, air conditioning systems, pool or fountain pumps all via your handset.

The wireless handset allows you to move freely around your home or office making life easy, comfortable and more secure using multi-frequency (OPTWIN) radio technology, that has a free field range of up to 400 metres.

Main features

One handset can be used to operate up to 4 Daitem Controllers (2 outputs per controller) and 8 Switching Receivers.

  • 4 electrical latches or locks (pedestrian gate access)
  • 4 automated gates (car access)
  • 4 automated garage doors
  • 4 lighting receivers

The above are just some examples of what the Daitem handset can control.

Your intercom can be used to check the entrance status (if open or closed) and lighting status (if on or off) via the handset display screen and can also communicate directly with other handsets.

Up to 4 handsets per caller button with 9 programmable ring tones and 4 sound settings.

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