Heavy-duty hydraulic post mounted ram (8m)

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Product information

HD.80 really is the most powerful post mounted hydraulic gate operator in the UK.
  • Reliability and high-quality materials

    The distributor, header, back plate and piston unit are made from anodised aluminium using a tooling machine, ensuring maximum precision of the components and optimal performance and reliability.

  • Top performance

    Fitted with an electric motor that makes it the most powerful in its category, with maximum thrust of 10,000 N.

  • Innovative technical solutions

    The new reversible distributor is made without valves so minimal maintenance is needed to ensure maximum reliability.

  • Safe and precise manoeuvring

    The brass adjustment screws and double-action slowdown mechanism provide very precise manoeuvring and make the system very safe.

  • Very intensive use

    With the longer reservoir and the new improved electric motor, which is completely submerged in the oil, even more intensive use is possible.

  • Very easy to install and maintain

    The terminal board makes wiring even easier and lets you swap power cables quickly and easily.

  • Self-alignment

    The reinforced brackets and front and rear joints make installation easier even when gates are not perfectly aligned.

  • Bio Oil

    The very viscous oil ensures excellent performance even in low temperatures, reducing component wear to a minimum.







HD.80 – 230Vac Hydraulic Ram for gate leafs up to 8.0m

Control panel & features

CAB Hydro kits are supplied with the full feature BRAINY control panel and all Beninca accessories. PUPILLA photocells and TO.GO transmitters.


  • Step by step input
  • Electronic force adjustment
  • Diagnostics LCD display
  • Built in 433.93Mhz radio receiver
  • Separate encoder inputs for each motor
  • Separate slow down during open and close for each motor
  • 8.2Kohm Safety edge input – wire direct into the board
  • Maglock / lock output

Part numbers

HD.80 – The HD.80 is sold as a motor only and not available in kit form.

The HD.80 can be operated by the BRAINY control panel.