24 Vdc Hydraulic post mounted ram

Key features.

  • Intensive duty cycle (24v Hydraulic Operator)
  • Easy access manual release mechanism
  • Motor with built-in encoder – patented linear encoder design for operating safety and precision
  • AC model – built in hydraulic ‘lock assist’
  • Unrivaled build quality, far superior than competitors plastic operators

Technical specification.

  • HD3524E AC, max leaf of 3.5m | HD5024E AC, max leaf of 5m
  • Innovative bio-oil with a high viscosity index for improvement of performance at low temperatures
  • Adjustable front rose joint allowing stroke regulation
  • HD.35 – stroke length 270mm | HD.50 – stroke length 390mm
  • Quick runtime; HD3524E AC – 14secs | HD5024E AC – 20secs

Product information

HYDRO24 – combining performance and reliability with unrivalled safety features

HYDRO 24V rams are in a league of their own in terms of build quality and performance. There are many 24v hydraulic motors on the market, but none quite like the HYDRO24, thanks to its premium build and the new patented linear encoder for maximum operating safety and precision.

Available in the 35 (3.5m) and 50 (5m) versions, both with built-in hydraulic ‘lock assist’.

Here are the highlights of the new 24v CAB hydraulic rams:

  • A chrome-plated steel rod, available in 16mm or 20mm, and anodised profiles guarantee the maximum resistance to atmospheric agents.
  • Working strokes available from 270mm to 390mm, to satisfy various installation requirements.
  • Hydraulic pump flow rate from 11 ltr/min to 0.75 ltr/min.
  • Patented linear encoder design for maximum operating safety and precision.
  • Hydrualic ‘lock assist’ to avoid opening gate stops.
  • Motor with hydraulic slow-down function.
  • Motor protected by thermal circuit break.








HD.3524E AC – 24Vdc Hydraulic Ram for gate leafs up to 3.5m – equipped with an encoder
HD.5024E AC – 24Vdc Hydraulic Ram for gate leafs up to 5.0m – equipped with an encoder

Control panel & features

CAB Hydro24 kits are supplied with the all-new full feature HYRBA24 control panel and all Beninca accessories. PUPILLA photocells and TO.GO transmitters.


  • Step by step input
  • Electronic force adjustment
  • Diagnostics LCD display
  • Built in 433.93Mhz radio receiver
  • Separate encoder inputs for each motor
  • Separate slow down during open and close for each motor
  • 8.2Kohm Safety edge input – wire direct into the board
  • Maglock / lock output

Kit codes

Our kits come complete with the following:
1 x Control panel
1 x Pair of PUPILLA photocells
1 x 433.92Mhz aerial long-range aerial
2 x TO.GO 2 button transmitters (rolling code or programmable code/fixed code)

KHD.3524E AC – 24Vdc Pair Kit – 3.5m
KHD.5024E AC – 24Vdc Pair Kit – 5.0m

KSHD.3524E AC – 24Vdc Single Kit – 3.5m
KSHD.5024E AC – 24Vdc Single Kit – 5.0m

Ram only

HD.3524E AC – 24Vdc Hydraulic Ram for gate leafs up to 3.5m
HD.5024E AC – 24Vdc Hydraulic Ram for gate leafs up to 5.0m

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