Solar power system (SUN+)

Key features.

  • Reduce costs of installing cables with this solar power solution
  • Can operator all 24V automation kits, swing, sliding and even road barriers
  • Low energy use = more manoeuvres, keep it simple for maximum duty cycle

Technical specification.

  • 2 x 30w Photovoltaic panels with high efficiency
  • Increased battery storage, 2 x 18Ah 12Vdc batteries
  • Smart system – unit shuts down after no use to maximize battery power

Product information.

We have taken the standard K.SUN kit and increased the number of solar panels and batteries to create the K.SUN+ (plus) kit. With the K.SUN+ kit you also receive a robust enclosure to house the larger batteries that are provided to make this solar power system more suitable to the UK climate in terms of sun/light exposure.

K.SUN+ | Kit list
2 x SUN.PANEL 30w solar panels
1 x SUNNY control panel
2 x DA.BT18 – 12Vdc 18ah batteries
1 x COL.KSUN – enclosure for batteries & control panel

  • Practical and ecological

    SUN System is the perfect solution for installing automated gates or barriers in places where the is no source of electricity and without having to spend money on costly construction.

  • Technology and evolution

    There is a an LCD digital display to allow the user/installer to monitor several important parameters.

    • Instant values of battery and solar panel voltage
    • Instant values on current generated by the solar panel
    • Number of days the systm has been in operation
    • Average charging current
    • Error messages related to any over current or battery issues
    • Verification of battery charge status
  • Flexibility

    It is possible to connect up to 3 solar panels (SUN.PANEL) to the control unit for maximum light / sun exposure. The KSUN plus kit is supplied with 2 x 18ah batteries but you can increase the battery capacity up to 50ah.

  • KEEP IT SIMPLE – low energy = maximum manoeuvres

    The system is controlled by the SUNNY control panel which then feeds the HEADY24/BRAINY24 that will operate the gates. The SUNNY system has a unique ‘shut down’ process during times of no use. This is to store and retain as much power in the batteries as possible. In the UK, solar power systems of this size will not work if there are constant feeds from the batteries, hence the huge advantage of the control of the SUNNY in terms of shutting the system down.

    • In standby mode (shut down) only the receiver is powered so have your gate system controlled by transmitters (keyfobs) or wireless keypads (IRI.KPAD) which act as transmitters. The first command will ‘wake’ the system up from standby mode and then power the gate system.
    • Install only a single set of photocells or safety devices to limit the energy consumption and maximise the number of cycles available.
    • It is not possible to use any exit loops, intercoms or other powered commands. If these items are crucial to your gate system, consider a larger solar power system which unfortunately we cannot supply, but we can point you in the right direction, so call us on 01488 658 276 | sales@beninca.co.uk

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