Power of Connection

Remote programming, documentation
and diagnostics.. wherever you are

Introducing the Pro.UP connectivity module

How it works

  • The Pro.Up is a cutting-edge connectivity module, designed to transform the way you interact with compatible Benincà products.
  • Once connected to the control unit, the Pro.Up module works with the BeUP(installer) and BeMove (end user) apps or via cloud based software (BePro).
  • Installers then gain access to real-time information about the gate’s/barrier’s status, inputs, and have the ability to send commands—all from the convenience of the app.
  • Option to keep device on premises and link to WiFi or LAN, or remotely link via smartphone and the Pro.UP device. This allows flexibility to disconnect after job completion and take the Pro.UP to your next installation

Unlock limitless possibilities with Pro.UP compatibility!

Elevate your automation experience with ProUp, seamlessly integrating with an impressive lineup of Benincà products. Stay ahead of the curve by enjoying ProUp compatibility with:
  • BULL TURBO Range
  • BULL SE Range
  • DIVA Range
  • TRUST24
  • BRAINY.PLUS (Coming soon)

Giving you the power of connection

The BeUp app is designed to simplify and streamline the installation process for Benincà installers, delivering remote programming and diagnostics wherever you are. It works via the integration of the Pro.UP connectivity module, which once connected to the control unit, allows installers access to real-time information about the gate’s/barriers status, inputs, and the ability to send commands.

Remote programming. Wherever you are

ProUp delivers convenience, efficiency, and control for professional installers, all from the convenience of the app.

App features

Diagnostics and Programming

Event Planner

Error Checking and Alarms

Radio Transmitters Management

QR Reading

Firmware Updates

BeMove System Configuration

Manuals, Instructions and Tutorials

Pro.UP in action

The ProUP device acts as a bridge between your compatible Benincà product and the BeUp and BePro apps, offering a wealth of functionalities at your fingertips.

Elevate efficiency with instant access to real-time information, eliminating the need for on-site visits. ProUp allows you to monitor and make parameter adjustments, logic modifications, error message reading, and more, all remotely via the app.

Upgrade your installation experience with ProUp.

BeUP web portal

For those who prefer a PC-based solution, the BePro web portal is an equivalent platform with additional features. In addition to the functionalities provided by BeUp, BePro offers the following enhanced options:

Full Configuration Management
Document Logs
Motor Current Absorption Graphs

What does Mark say?

“Beninca may have arrived fashionably late to the connectivity soiree in gate automation, but we’ve certainly made an entrance with style! The Pro.UP, our latest offering, has evolved from its early development stages to a market-ready product that stands out from the competition.

In over 35 years of installing and maintaining electric gates, I initially saw connectivity as a novelty, but the Pro.UP has transformed my perspective. It’s not just a tool; it’s a game changer simplifying the installation and management of gate systems when using compatible products.

A key feedback we’ve consistently received is the need for a straightforward setup process for connectivity products. Well, we’ve nailed it! The Pro.UP ensures an easy setup, even for non-tech-savvy individuals (like me), with both desktop software and a user-friendly smartphone app. What sets the Pro.UP apart are its operational advantages, offering remote diagnostics and efficient management of installations, saving time and enhancing precision.

The Pro.UP isn’t just a tool for installers; it elevates the technical support we provide. With the Be.UP app, troubleshooting becomes collaborative—you can share control panel snapshots for guidance, and we can remotely send the latest firmware updates, minimising on-site visits.

The Pro.UP is packed with features that are truly designed for installers, and it’s hard to do justice to its capabilities in just a few words. So, my advice is simple: try it out! The investment is minimal, but the rewards are significant. See for yourself how the Pro.UP can revolutionise your installations.”

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