Meet the latest addition to our HI MOTIONS Gate Hardware

We are pleased to announce we now hold stock of the new 9 wheel cantilever carriage in the XM, L and XL series of Hi Motions gate hardware. Many years ago the 5 wheel carriage was upgraded to an 8 wheel design which gave the cantilever system a minimum of eight points of contact per carriage within the track. This was down to the two heights of the sets of wheels mounted on bearings that made the carriage, this allowed for greater weight capacity and a smoother movement of the track.



As the Hi Motions cantilever system continues to evolve we now see the addition of the ninth wheel. This additional wheel situated horizontally in the middle of the carriage provides additional points of contact with the track and increases stability. This solution is perfect for cantilever gates of extended lengths for example, where the ninth wheel on each carriage provides greater contact with the track and reduces lateral movement of the track on the carriages.

In stock now, for further details, please do not hesitate to contact our sales team on 01488 658 276.