Understanding our ‘Password’ Symbol

With security at the forefront of end users’ minds and a driving force behind most new electric gate installs, ensuring our products guarantee the highest level of security is a priority.

The ‘Password’ symbol was created specifically to represent our control panels that allow for a unique protection code to be added.

This additional function allows the installer the option to set a unique four-digit security code, which then works to lock the control unit programming, preventing unwanted access to the menus and blocking any future modifications to the settings and parameters.

Once the protection code has been set, this should be stored safely and only shared with the necessary contacts for scheduled maintenance.

If you would like more detail on how to add a protection code, you can find the simple instructions here.

For more details around our range of control panels, please click here or please do call our friendly team on 01488 658 276 and they will happily answer any questions.