The brand new XLB Benincà enclosure is the latest product to follow on from the SB, HB and LB versions. Benincà have made improvements to the previous editions, with the new XLB including a front clip connector and has three different entry points for wires giving an overall neater solution for installation.  

The new XLB is now the largest branded enclosure we have available, with the overall dimensions being 264mm wide x 345mm high x 130mm deep. This larger version is suitable for both domestic and commercial installs but provides even more room for the control panel and power supplies to be housed safely and securely.The box is made from plastic, ensuring it will not rust or weather from being out in the elements over time.  

There is also the option to add the XLB.L, a compact LED flashing light with 24 VDC power supply. You can either look to mount the lamp within the XLB enclosure or externally. The light can then be set to either an intermittent flash or solid light. 

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