Brand new automatic hydraulic bollards


Introducing the SPARTACUS Automatic Hydraulic Bollard

With a supreme hydraulic performance that has been rigorously tested up to 3500 cycles per day, the SPARTACUS bollard has one of the highest specifications on the market. A collection of twelve bollards of multiple heights and diameters, with fixed and semi-automatic options also, the SPARTACUS is everything you need.

One of the widest ranges of bollards on the market

The most unique selling points

Not only does the SPARTACUS bollard boast fast rising and lowering speeds of between 3-5 seconds and a huge 3500 cycles per day, it has another unique selling point. The smart position of the hydraulic pump, laterally positioned below ground and separate to the cylinder in order to avoid damage in the event of impact. This is also ideal to facilitate simple maintenance.

Quality, Reliability, Security

The all-new SPARTACUS oil-dynamic bollard guarantees high technical and functional standards. Incorporating hydraulic technology that works to minimise the wear and stress on mechanical components, making it ideal for intensive use.

Cylinder with built-in LED lights.

Available as either 600 or 800mm tall, with a cylinder thickness of 6 mm.

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Supreme hydraulic performance. 
Rigorously tested for up to 3,500 cycles per day, with fast raising and lowering speeds (3 – 4 seconds).

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Foundation case complies with the EN124 (25T) regulation.

Hydraulic pump laterally
positioned inside the foundation
case in order to avoid any
damage in the event of an

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RISE SPARTACUS 200/600 automatic rising bollards

Security for a private driveway


Meet the brand-new MAXIMUM M30

The all-new MAXIMUM M30 automatic bollard delivers unrivalled protection under the most extreme measures. Capable of withstanding the impact of a vehicle of 7,500kg, launched at a speed of 48 km/h, the Maximum M30 performed outstandingly in its crash-test, securing several noteworthy certifications.

Available in painted steel or electropolished stainless steel
AISI 316, with anti-corrosion treatment, guaranteeing protection from rust, weather and chemicals.

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Cylinder with built-in LED lights, the control unit can manage 2 bollards at the same time.

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Foundation case complying with the EN124 (40T) regulation and independent hydraulic pump for each bollard, laterally positioned in order to avoid any damage in the event of an impact and facilitate the maintenance.

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Vehicles continue to be used to cause maximum damage or casualties by terrorists globally, so this new crash tested bollard developed by RISE is a major advance on previous measures to mitigate this threat. I recommend the use of these advanced bollards to mitigate the threat from terrorists who use vehicles as weapons.

Take a look at the impressive crash test

Performance, Specification, Strength

Crash test penetration point

The RISE Maximum M30 performed exceptionally in the crash–test, securing a negative penetration of 0.8 m, indicating that the truck bed stopped at 0.8 m in front of the bollard. To put that into context, specification sheets often refer to a penetration grade P1, which according to ASTM is obtained when the truck bed passes beyond the bollard by a maximum distance of 1 metre. Therefore, the negative penetration value obtained by RISE at (-0.8 m) is an even higher performance result.

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