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Check out the SPARTACUS 200/600 automatic bollards in action at this stunning residential property

Quality, Reliability, Security

Our fixed bollards are designed to offer robust security and effective vehicle control for a variety of locations, including high-security areas and sensitive sites. These bollards are ideal for providing a permanent barrier, ensuring that only authorised vehicles can enter. Constructed from durable materials, they deliver long-lasting protection and can be used in both commercial and residential settings, such as driveways and parking areas.

Fixed bollards

Semi-automatic bollards are perfect for locations that require occasional vehicle access control. These bollards can be manually lowered and then automatically return to the upright position, providing a convenient and secure solution. They are suitable for commercial properties and residential driveways, ensuring that security is maintained without the need for complex electrical installations. This makes them an excellent choice for sites with moderate traffic and security needs.

Semi automatic bollards

Our automatic bollards are designed for high-traffic locations where quick and reliable vehicle access control is essential. These bollards can be easily integrated into access control systems, offering enhanced security for sensitive sites and commercial properties. Automatic bollards are ideal for protecting pedestrian zones and preventing unauthorised vehicle entry, providing a secure and user-friendly solution for modern access management.

Automatic bollards

Crash rated bollards are engineered to withstand significant impacts, providing the highest level of security for critical infrastructure and vulnerable sites. These bollards are tested to ensure they can stop vehicles at various speeds, making them ideal for use in areas requiring exceptional perimeter protection. Whether for government buildings, airports, or other high-risk locations, crash rated bollards deliver reliable and robust defence against potential threats.

Crash rated bollards

Beninca UK are trusted experts with first-hand experience in bollard products and installations.

Our customers rate us as excellent

We have been a customer of Beninca UK for ten years and seen them grow from a small office to their now heavyweight position in the UK gate industry. What hasn’t changed is their strong product range, friendly sales team, and great technical support. We are looking forward to the next 10 years!

Colin May, JB Gate Systems

Beninca has great customer service, by far the best in the industry. The phone is always answered in a timely fashion and technical help is also to a very high level, again, probably the best in the industry. being local helps a lot too. Beninca has great customer service, by far the best in the industry. The phone is always answered in a timely fashion and technical help is also to a very high level, again, probably the best in the industry. being local helps a lot too.

Andrew Speedwell, Speedwell Automation

We’ve dealt with Beninca since 2010, the customer service and support is second to none. We will always endorse Beninca and have highly recommended them on numerous occasions.

Paul Deane, TPS Gates & Doors

Bollard frequently asked questions

Here, you’ll find a list of our most commonly asked bollard questions. If you have a query that isn’t listed, give us a call on 01635 811 811, and we’ll be happy to help.


Yes, many bollards, especially automatic and semi-automatic types, can be integrated with existing security systems. This includes access control systems, surveillance cameras, and alarm systems. By integrating bollards with these systems, you can enhance overall site security, ensuring that vehicle access is monitored and controlled effectively. This integration allows for automated responses to security breaches and seamless coordination with other security measures in place, providing comprehensive protection for your property.

When installing bollards in a residential area, consider the following factors: the level of security needed, the frequency of vehicle access, and the aesthetic impact on the surroundings. Driveway bollards are often used to prevent unauthorised parking and enhance security for homeowners. Semi-automatic and automatic bollards can provide convenient access control for residents while maintaining security. Additionally, choosing bollards that blend with the residential architecture can preserve the aesthetic appeal of the neighbourhood. It’s also important to ensure that bollards do not obstruct pedestrian pathways or interfere with daily activities.

Bollards are highly beneficial for industrial installations as they enhance security and safety. In industrial settings, fixed and crash rated bollards can protect critical infrastructure from vehicle collisions and potential threats. They help ensure that only authorised vehicles can access sensitive areas, thereby preventing accidents and security breaches. Automatic and semi-automatic bollards offer flexible access control, allowing for easy management of delivery and service vehicles. Additionally, bollards can be used to safeguard pedestrian walkways within industrial complexes, reducing the risk of accidents and ensuring a safer working environment.

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