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Benincà Product Warranty

The warranty on Beninca products

A message to the users of Beninca products (*The owner of the gate/door system):

Our products have been designed to be installed by a professional gate or door engineer. Beninca Automation UK Ltd does not supply products directly to end users. To purchase our products directly you must apply for a trade account and must be a professional gate/door or security installer and purchase under our terms and conditions of sale.As an installer, if you have purchased Beninca products online or through a third-party distributor, we advise you to contact your supplier in regard to the warranty offered under the contract that you have with them (Sale of Goods).

For end users of our products, all products within the Beninca Group are sold with a warranty period of 30 months (details below) that is valid if the product has been installed to manufacturers specification which is clearly identified in all installation instructions. The warranty is personal to the person or company that buys the product from us and is non-transferable. Almost all our products are sold as pieces of partly completed machinery (components) and require alterations by the installer for the component to be part of working machinery (the gate system). This information is very important when considering the warranty for our product because there are warranty conditions that the installer must adhere too as well as conditions such as maintenance and servicing schedules which can affect the warranty available to you.

We advise you to discuss and understand the on-going warranty and responsibilities of your gate system with your installer. It is vital to understand your warranty, prior to installation as your contract of sale is held with the installer in terms of the original installation as well as any on-going maintenance contracts

Details for our Trade Installers:

The 30-month warranty is valid from:

  • The date of installation if the installation is recorded with Beninca UK using the form below. An invoice number or reference must be provided on the application and there can be a maximum period of 6 months from date of purchasing the goods to registered date of installation, subsequently activating the warranty.
  • From date of sales invoice of the goods if no installation has been recorded. Each item is stamped with a manufacturing date in order for Beninca UK to accurately analyse account activity.
  • If you cannot supply an accurate invoice number and no installation has been recorded, then the 30 months will be valid only from the date of manufacture that is stamped on the product.


Why register your Benincà products?

Within the UK gate automation industry, it is not uncommon for a professional gate installer to hold items in stock which are then picked and assigned to specific installations. Therefore, the warranty period must be defined and understood by all parties because in addition to the customer holding stock, it is likely that the motor and or other gate automation equipment has also been ‘in stock’ and sat on a shelf for a number of weeks or months before the sales of the item to the installer.

It is unrealistic to consider that either the supplier (Beninca UK) or the installer log serial numbers on every piece of installed equipment, but the form on this page allows you to note your job reference details and list the product codes of the core products installed (most valuable items).


For our full Returns Policy & Warranty Conditions, please click here. (Download PDF)

If you need to make a warranty claim, please head to our Returns page to begin the process.

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