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Manual Release Guidelines

Gate System Handover

 In the event of a power failure, an emergency or system breakdown, it may be necessary to operate your gate system manually. It is important that when you operate the manual release of your gate motor, that you do so safely by following the procedure, to avoid the risk of injury. Please read and understand this whole page before attempting to manually release your gate system.

Manual release of sliding gate motor

You will have been provided with the necessary release keys for your gate motor (and electronic lock if fitted). Various mechanisms are employed to allow the manual operation of your gates, dependent on the model of gate motor. In all cases, the key release mechanism should be kept clean and lubricated to ensure it will release smoothly in case of power failure, emergency, or system breakdown.

If additional mechanical locks are fitted to your gates, they will be supplied with keys for manual over-ride. If additional magnetic locks are fitted to your gates, they will release when the power is isolated.

To operate your automated gate(s) manually:

  1. Ensure that the power supply is securely isolated and verify that all residual voltage has been fully discharged.
  2. Release any additional lock fitted to the gate using the relevant key/methods.
  3. Manually release the gate motor using the key provided and pull the lever (BULL or YAK) or turn the allen key (BISON) to disengage the geared motor (see Fig1, 2 and 3). You may feel the motor release from its gear or hear an audible clunk.
  4. Now you can carefully open or close the gate. Make sure the gate is moved slowly to avoid damage to the motor or potential injury with the use of excessive force against static objects.


Your gate should remain level and in a still position when the motors gear is disengaged. If your gate moves freely when disengaged from the geared motor, please contact your installation or maintenance contractor for assistance.

Illustrations of your sliding gate motor manual release mechanism:

To reinstate automatic operation of your gate(s):

  1. Check the power supply is still isolated.
  2. Re-engage the operator using the lever or key as illustrated below. When the manual release lever is re-engaged to its fully closed position, you may need to move the gate slightly until you feel or often hear the gate audibly clunk back into gear.
  3. Reinstate the power supply at the isolator.
  4. Check that the entrance is clear from any obstruction.
  5. Inform all users that the automation system is now reinstated.
  6. Run the system to ensure it is working correctly.


If you have read this information and are unable to manually release your gates, you should contact your installation/maintenance contractor for assistance.

Manual release guidelines for end users

At Beninca Automation UK Ltd, we are continuously striving to enhance our products and services to ensure the highest levels of satisfaction and safety for our installers and the users of our products. With this objective in mind, we have conducted a comprehensive evaluation of our instruction manuals, particularly focusing on the safe method of manually releasing our sliding gate mechanisms. 

Above we have detailed the correct procedure for manually releasing a sliding gate motor. We request that all our installers ensure that this crucial information reaches the end users of sliding gate motors. To assist installers, we have produced a document covering all this information, which is designed to enhance user safety, particularly in instances where proper handover documentation might not have been provided at the time of installation. This pdf document is accessible by clicking on the download tab below.

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