Celebrating 40 Years of Beninca Group: 1979-2019

We are extremely proud of our Italian heritage, being a satellite branch of Beninca in Northern Italy. To be able to say all our products are designed, manufactured and tested within the Italian factory sets us apart from our competitors, giving our customers peace of mind in knowing all our goods from within the Beninca Group are made in Italy and they bear the family surname so they represent one core value, product quality.

We are therefore delighted to be celebrating the 40th anniversary of Beninca Group which is a huge testament to the company and everything it has achieved from launching back in 1979.

Beninca has always believed that people should come before everything and these sorts of ethos are what makes us stand out amongst the crowd, giving the company a strong foundation and roots.Radici meaning roots in Italian is exceptionally important and with a focus on this, we plan to continue to grow from strength to strength in the future alongside our customers.

With this in mind, we are currently busy planning a very special open day which we hope to pay homage to the Italian’s 4oth year anniversary and mark the very special occasion, while also thanking all our loyal customers.

Please keep a lookout, as will be keeping you posted on the official event date and details shortly.

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