The new BULL20 HE delivering safety & continuous operation


The BULL20 HE sliding gate operator is sturdy, with its high performance geared motor for intensive use with oil lubricated reductions.

Ideal for industrial and multi-occupancy gates, with its new electric motor designed to guarantee intense cycles of use, even in undesirable environmental conditions.

The control unit has a built-in encoder which guarantees maximum safety and precision while the gate is in motion.

The BULL20 HE also features a personalised release key and metal release lever.

Self ventilated 230 VAC geared motor.
This is the device which guarantees maximum precision during the automation manoeuvring steps.
433.92 MHz receiver equipped exclusively with advanced rolling code (ARC)
64 = The total number of transmitters which can be stored inside the receiver.
Sliding gates with a maximum weight capacity up to 2000 kg.