Expanding our Hi-Motions cantilever hardware, meet the New XM Series

We are continuously reviewing and developing our products to ensure they meet the needs and requirements of our installing customers. Our Hi-Motions range of cantilever hardware already offered customers variety, with an extensive range of sizes. However, with vital feedback from our customers and upon reviewing products currently available, we identified a gap within the range.

This is where we introduce the brand-new XM series, specifically created to bridge the gap between our M (medium) and L (large) series of galvanised cantilever carriages and track. The XM series is the perfect go-to when the M series doesn’t quite fit the bill, but the L series is over specified.

With its rail profile of 68×68 mm, the XM series is ideal for domestic cantilever gates providing the perfect fit for gates up to 6m entrance width and 700kg structure weight.

When it comes to gates, there definitely isn’t a one-size-fits-all. The XM series really enhances our already very popular ranges of cantilever gate hardware.

If you think the XM series might be the perfect fit for your next job, please do get in contact with our knowledgeable and friendly team for more details or to order.

You can download the XM Series datasheet here.

A window of opportunity with Hi-Motions products.

Anyone in the automation or construction industry will be aware of the dramatic and sudden cost increase of steel, importantly the raw material, and the impact this is having on industries.

Our range of HI-MOTIONS products, including hardware accessories for cantilever gates, sliding gates, and sliding doors are all steel products, many of which come from the raw material of steel coil. It is the steel coil that has been impacted the most, so considerable price increases are inevitable on the tracks and monorails with smaller increases expected on other hardware such as hinges and carriages.

Fortunately, due to our increased stock volumes at Beninca UK, we are pleased to announce we are currently able to honour a window of opportunity on the current stock, as we hold off price increases on Hi Motions products until 1st April 2021. This will be subject to availability, so we would encourage our customers to take full advantage as soon as possible whilst you have the opportunity.

With a price increase on tracks and monorails likely to be double figures in terms of percentages, this window of opportunity will last as long as the current stock does but it is financially very beneficial to order now so please contact our sales team to discuss your gate hardware requirements.

If you have any questions regarding the above, please do get in contact with us today.