Huge Savings on Procon Loop Detectors

Included within our exceptional Black Friday Week deals, are the well-established Procon loop detectors, including both the boxed traditional LD products, as well as the MD102 probe vehicle detectors.

Designed for parking and access control applications, Procon loop detectors are a cost-effective solution for detecting vehicles in order to facilitate the automatic opening of security gates

Focusing on the MD102, this magnetic resistive probe can be used to measure the earth’s magnetic field. Any change in the magnetic field due to the presence of a vehicle will be detected resulting in a signal output. The probe can measure the magnetic field in 3 axis, namely the X, Y, and Z axis. Each axis can be individually enabled to optimise vehicle detection. Normally all 3 axis would be enabled.

The MD102 probe can either be buried underneath the road surface with minimal road works, run alongside the vehicle or can be mounted above the ground next to the passage of the vehicle.

Below we run through the MD102 probe’s key features:

  • Easy to install – no need to cut induction loops
  • Quality brand, guaranteed reliability
  • 10m, 15m and 30m cable lengths to suit all applications
  • Easy to set up controller with LED detection indicator
  • Can be used for presence and pulse

For more information on either the MD102 probe vehicle detectors or the boxed traditional LD products, please do get in contact. These products are currently heavily discounted until Friday 26th November 2021. You can reach our sales team on 01488 658 276 or email,