Wireless safety edge transmission - TX

Key features.

  • Battery powered transmitters(RF)
  • Solar panel battery powered transmitters also available (RF.SUN)
  • IP55 Transmitter in a neat photocell cover for discreet application
  • Small receiver – fits into most panels

Technical specification.

  • Radio wave frequency system – 868 Mhz
  • Suitable for resistive 8.2Kohm or Mechanical N/O edges
  • Complies to standard EN12978

Product information.

RF is a single channel transmitter for wireless safety edge transmission. Working with the SC.RF receiver on 868Mhz and neatly installed in a photocell cover, the SC.RF and RF transmission kit is the perfect solution for wireless safety edges.

You can program up to 4 x RF transmitters into each of the two channels of the SC.RF making this unit very versatile for your safety edge requirements.

The RF unit is battery powered but you can also purchase the RF.SUN which is complete with a small solar panel, so you never have to change the batteries.

Typical SC.RF and RF set up:
1 = RF Unit – neatly housed in a small photocell cover (note the installation instructions)
2 = Safety edge / safety edge circuit (can be 8K2 resistive egde or mechanical edge)
3 = Optional RF.SUN solar panel for charging batteries in the RF unit (note the installation instructions)
4 = Gate motor (where the SC.RF can be neatly installed due to it’s small size)

RF technical data

Part numbers

RF – RF Wireless Safety Edge Transmission – Transmitter
RF.SUN – RF.SUN Wireless Safety Edge Transmission – Transmitter with solar panel for battery charge
SC.RF – SC.RF Wireless Safety Edge Transmission – 2 channel Receiver

The SC.RF has two channels and each channel can have 4 x RF programmed giving a total of 8 x RF transmitters to one SC.RF receiver.

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