Brand-new ‘Black Edition’ DoorBird A1101 IP Video Indoor Station

Up until now, the DoorBird IP Video Indoor Station has only been available in white, so we are delighted to confirm DoorBird have recently introduced this popular product in a striking Black Edition.

The DoorBird IP Video Indoor Station is an ideal addition to any DoorBird system, whether that’s in a residential or commercial setting. When paired with a DoorBird IP Video Door Intercom, the Indoor Station delivers a live video stream, two-way audio communication, and will control the doors/gates.

The DoorBird Indoor Station has a touch display made of scratch-resistant tempered Gorilla® glass with intuitive user interface. It also includes configurable hard buttons with clear symbols for common functions. With its compact and sleek design, it complements any environment, and we are thrilled to now be able to offer it in both white and black colour ways.

For more information about the DoorBird A1101 IP Video Indoor Station, you can download the datasheet here.

Alternatively, you can discover all the features of the A1101 by watching this demonstration video:

We have these in stock now, so they are available for immediate purchase, call your Sales Rep to place an order today, 01488 658 276.

DoorBird – Buying Guide

For well over a year now we have been a proud distributor of DoorBird, expanding our intercom range to include their standout IP video door stations.

DoorBird products combine exclusive design, with the most innovative technology, setting them apart in the field of door communication.

The most popular DoorBird range, the D21x-Series has recently seen a change to the way it comes packaged. Many of our customers will be used to purchasing these units with the backbox and power supply included, however, moving forward DoorBird have adjusted the way products are to be purchased. In a bid to become more sustainable and ensure only the products supplied are used, (therefore avoiding any waste), customers are now required to separately order either the surface mount or flush mount casing and then a PSU if required – the most popular way of powering them still remains to use a third-party POE switch.



If you would like any more guidance or information around the DoorBird products we stock, please do not hesitate to contact our team. You can reach us on – 01488 658 276

Black Friday Exclusive on DoorBird Intercoms

Since announcing we are an official UK distributor of DoorBird, their unique video door intercoms have proved a massive hit.

This Black Friday week, we’ve had over 44 products at exceptional prices, including Benincà products, alongside some of our fantastic partner products. Today is the final day and we’d like to focus your attention on the DoorBird IP Video Intercoms, currently available with up to 57% discount.

Included within our deal brochure we have the D2101KV and D2101KV-7016 video intercoms, along with the D2101KV-SMH (surface mount housing) and A1101 (indoor monitor). Made in Germany, all Doorbird products are produced to the highest quality, with unbeatable design.

To take advantage and purchase these fantastic products at a one-off price, please make sure you get in contact today! You can reach our sales team on 01488 658 276 or email,

Meet the new DoorBird D2102KV IP Video Door Station.

We have recently expanded our DoorBird offering and now stock the D2102KV IP video door station:

  • This new model has two call buttons, making it an ideal choice for houses and buildings with up to two units.
  • Once installed, a DoorBird IP video door station allows the end-user to see and speak to visitors from anywhere, keeping the property secure and controlling access.
  • With a sleek and modern design, they add a stylish finish to the entrance of any residential or small commercial property.
  • All DoorBird products are designed, developed, and produced in Germany to the highest quality.

For more details on the new D2102KV model, you can download the datasheet here.

If you have any questions about the D2102KV or would like to place an order, you can reach our sales team on 01488 658 276 or email them at

DoorBird: More than just a door intercom

DoorBird combines exclusive design with innovative IP technology, to deliver outstanding products in the field of door communication. 

By installing a DoorBird video door station, you can answer your door from anywhere in the world, via the use of a smartphone or tablet. Once installed, notifications are sent directly through to the smartphone / tablet when the doorbell button is pressed, enabling you to see your visitors, talk to them and open the door. 

Made in Germany to the highest quality and incorporating leading technology, it’s no wonder DoorBird products are fast becoming a popular choice for so many home and business owners wanting to add style, security, and convenience to their entrance. 

DoorBird door stations have a modern and sleek design and are available in many popular finishes including, brushed stainless steel, bronze, titanium, and powder coated, semi-gloss. Currently, we hold stock of the following three finishes, RAL 7016, stainless steel, and titanium, but can order in any finish upon request. 


Choose your colour! 

What you may not know, is that DoorBird also offers customers the option to fully colour match their DoorBird station. DoorBird have over 45 colour choices available, to view all the options, please download the ‘Material Guide’ below:  

[button id=”” button_text=”DOWNLOAD HERE” button_link=”” link_open=”_self” button_icon=”” button_align=”” button_size=”small” button_style=”default” margin_top=”0 ” href_title=””]


Here is a perfect example of how a DoorBird IP video door station has been customised to perfectly match the colour of the entrance gate. Don’t you agree it looks great? 

Please be aware any custom colours will encounter additional lead times, with the turnaround anticipated around 3-4 weeks. Any standard finishes that aren’t currently held in stock here at Benincà UK will have a lead time of around 5-7 days. 

If you would like to find out any more detail about DoorBird video door stations, please do get in touch with our sales team today. They would be more than happy to answer any of your questions and supply you with any further detail you may require. You can reach them via phone on 01488 658276 or email them at 

Official UK DoorBird distributor!

We are delighted to confirm we are now an official UK distributor of DoorBird. We are so excited to expand our current intercom range to include the DoorBird IP video door stations.

Using the most innovative IP technology, DoorBird IP Video door stations ensure customers never miss a visitor. With a DoorBird IP video door station, your customer can view a live feed of their front door, at any given time or place, all via a smart device.

The sleek and modern design of the flush-mounted stations, such as the D2101KV adds a stylish finish to the front of a residential or small commercial property. Not only does a DoorBird IP video door station add elegance, but it also adds a layer of security, notifying the end-user as soon as motion is detected and capturing any unwanted visitors on camera.


Take a watch of the video below and get a feel for the DoorBird D2101KV IP Video Door Station:


To find out more details about the unique DoorBird D2101KV IP video door station we now proudly stock, please click here.