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Doorbird D2101KV Product Highlight

D2101KV: Exclusive Design with Innovative Technology

Beninca’s sales representative, Sam, discusses one of our third-party products: the Doorbird D2101KV. Since becoming an official Doorbird distributor here at Beninca, we have seen a growing popularity for this brand and their products. Sam shares his own personal thoughts on this modern intercom including the setup process, design, and quality of the D2101KV.
What is a Doorbird D2102KV and why do you want to highlight this product?

The Doorbird D2101KV is an IP video intercom which works via the internet to offer an access control system to customers’ properties. Video intercoms which are accessible via apps are becoming more popular as end-users want more control and remote access from their phones. We became an official UK distributor in 2021 and since then they’ve become a mainstay in our product range – with the D21010KV becoming a hugely popular product. The Doorbird intercoms have many compelling advantages, with one being its leading technology. The D2102KV has HD video, with a 180⁰ wide-eye hemispheric lens and a 4D motion sensor. The reason I have chosen to highlight this product is due to the fact that as I’ve taken on more responsibility within Beninca, particularly in 2023, I have gained a great deal of experience dealing with DoorBird products from both a Sales and Technical Support perspective.

What makes the D2102KV a popular product?

I would say one of the key reasons the D2102KV has become a popular product is due to the very simple and efficient set up process – in terms of both its wiring and integration to automation control panels, and also it’s programming within the DoorBird mobile app. Additionally, an increasing number of customers desire the capability to manage and monitor audio and video access to their property entrance directly from their mobile phones. The main reason this appeals to so many customers is that they then have access to their property entrance no matter where they are. Lastly, the DK2102KV is a very aesthetically pleasing intercom, with even its standard stainless-steel finish offering a stylish final piece.

Why would you recommend this product to our customers or installers?

I recommend this product for two reasons: its simplicity and modern design. The D2101KV has a quick and easy setup process, while still offering a high-quality app interface for both the installer and end user. The product itself has a premium look and feel, with the additional benefit of an array of metallic finishes and 47 powder-coated colours for the customer to choose from – meaning there is no site that a DoorBird won’t be able to blend into…. or stand out from if the customer so desires. DoorBird also offer a range of peripheral devices to make a full IP access control system within a property, including internal monitors, door chimes, standalone keypads, and door controllers.

Where can I find out more information?

If you would like more information about the D2101KV or our Doorbird range, you can visit our partner page online here: or for any enquiries you speak to our team on 01488 658 276 or email them at

If you would like to place an order, you can also reach our team on 01488 658 276 or email them at

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