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This month we will be supporting two very worthy charities, including Save the Children and West Berkshire Food Bank. On Friday 10th December the entire Benincà UK team will be digging out their best Christmas jumpers and wearing them in aid of Save the Children. This is the same day we are inviting all our […]

  Included within our exceptional Black Friday Week deals, are the well-established Procon loop detectors, including both the boxed traditional LD products, as well as the MD102 probe vehicle detectors. Designed for parking and access control applications, Procon loop detectors are a cost-effective solution for detecting vehicles in order to facilitate the automatic opening of […]

This year we’ve gone big and have some incredible Black Friday deals available all this week. If you signed up to join us ahead of our Black Friday Week, you will have now received our deal brochure. Full of outstanding offers running across 44 different product lines, our trade customers are able to secure discounts […]

  We are excited to announce we are now an official BEA distributor, adding their unique laser safety scanners to our portfolio.  We proudly stock the LZR-i100, i110, and H100 laser scanners, which are ideal non-contact sensing solutions in vertical and horizontal positions. The BEA LZR-i100 / LZR-i110 safety sensors: Designed to be installed alongside an […]

We have recently expanded our DoorBird offering and now stock the D2102KV IP video door station: This new model has two call buttons, making it an ideal choice for houses and buildings with up to two units. Once installed, a DoorBird IP video door station allows the end-user to see and speak to visitors from […]

With security at the forefront of end users’ minds and a driving force behind most new electric gate installs, ensuring our products guarantee the highest level of security is a priority. The ‘Password’ symbol was created specifically to represent our control panels that allow for a unique protection code to be added. This additional function allows the installer the […]

We are continuously reviewing and developing our products to ensure they meet the needs and requirements of our installing customers. Our Hi-Motions range of cantilever hardware already offered customers variety, with an extensive range of sizes. However, with vital feedback from our customers and upon reviewing products currently available, we identified a gap within the […]

The BISON35OTIL with its three-phase electromechanical geared motor can be connected to a 230 Vac single-phase network. A unique factor, as commonly we see larger capacity gate motors demand a higher voltage supply. The fact the BISON35OTIL can be powered by a single-phase supply makes it much more accessible for a range of environments. Capable […]

Since it arrived in the UK, the BISON motor has generated an impressive reputation as a genuine heavy-duty commercial sliding gate motor with proven reliability in the field. When a motor has a reputation for performance and reliability, you know you have a good thing! The BISON was our first motor to offer inverter technology […]

Since its introduction to the UK market in 2018, the Turbo range of sliding gate operators has proved to be a very valuable asset in the armoury of Beninca UK’s automation products. With opening speeds of up to double that of the existing BULL range, motors bearing the ‘turbo’ symbol have opened up a whole […]

The UK Government confirmed on the 24th of August 2021, businesses will now have an extra year to start implementing the new product safety marking (UKCA) on pieces of partly completed machinery. Following Brexit and the Government’s original guidance, we informed customers we would be working to ensure all our products would be compliant with […]

You may have spotted we quite often refer to a series of symbols via our online content, and also throughout our catalogue. (*The symbols are located at the top left-hand corner of each product page within the catalogue.) The unique symbols are designed to help you identify the key features of each product and ultimately […]

DoorBird combines exclusive design with innovative IP technology, to deliver outstanding products in the field of door communication.  By installing a DoorBird video door station, you can answer your door from anywhere in the world, via the use of a smartphone or tablet. Once installed, notifications are sent directly through to the smartphone / tablet when the doorbell […]

The Benincà ‘PUPILLA’ is a well-established, well recognised photocell, used by many in the UK as the go-to photocell product. The compact design and build quality are two stand out features which make the PUPILLA so popular.    Always looking to expand and innovate, Benincà have been working hard on a new model, to allow even further reach to new customers within the market. To this […]

Did You Know? You can link up to 4x RF transmitters into each of the two channels of the SC.RF receiver, making them extremely versatile and cost-effective for your wireless safety edge requirements.  There are numerous safety measures and products we can recommend for electric gate installs depending on the requirements and circumstances, however the most popular and common gate safety device to add is rubber contact safety edges.   Our RF transmitter and SC.RF receivers are the perfect wireless solution for safety edges, […]

We are known for having ‘strength in depth’ when it comes to being part of a group of companies and today, we review some products from RISE.  The demand for automatic bollards is rapidly increasing and with RISE, we have an extensive range of automatic bollards, suitable for both residential and commercial environments.  We have automatic, semi-automatic, and fixed bollards, all of which are designed to provide maximum security and protection, […]

And the ‘Small Employer of the Year’ award goes to… Benincà UK! We are so excited to share that we have won ‘Small Employer of the Year’ in the West Berkshire Training Consortiums, Rising Stars Awards 2021. After years of supporting their apprenticeship scheme and onboarding four apprentices here at Benincà UK, we are delighted […]

The MAXIMUM M30 automatic bollard is the newest addition to join the RISE offering and has officially arrived here at Benincà UK.  Capable of stopping a truck weighing 7,500 kg whilst moving at a speed of 48 km/h, it has secured several noteworthy certificates. With a bollard diameter of 275mm and a height of 900mm, alongside the substantial foundations, it really does look the part in our trade […]

  This week is Mental Health Awareness Week and with our chosen charity for the year being Mind, we are proactively encouraging our team here at Benincà UK to openly discuss their mental health and speak out about how they are feeling.  The past year has been extremely tough on everyone and with the increased stress and worries, it’s had a huge impact on our […]

Did You Know? Our BULL TURBO can store up to 512 transmitters within the onboard receiver instead of the standard 64 available on most onboard receivers. This avoids the need of adding any additional receivers on large housing developments or commercial units and means you can utilise the additional functions that come with an onboard receiver.   Our turbo range of operators are fast […]

    We are over the moon to have been shortlisted by the West Berkshire Training Consortium for ‘Small Employer of the Year’ in their Rising Star Awards 2021.  To be selected as a finalist is an honour and shows recognition for the support, we have given to the apprenticeship programme over the years. Here at Benincà UK we are really passionate about […]

Following the Governments roadmap out of lockdown and guidance, we are thrilled to announce that our trade counter will be re-opening as of Monday 17th May 2021. We are really excited to safely welcome you back!  Our trade counter not only allows customers the option to pick up goods in person but also provides you with the opportunity to pop by and speak with a member of our team over a coffee. We would like to […]

Our 750 safety cable is made of galvanised steel and is a very simple, yet hugely effective safety device. Once fixed around the gate post and gate hinge area of a swing gate, the cable works to provide protection in the unfortunate event of hinge failure and will ultimately stop the gate from falling.  Following an update to legislation in 2018, the DHF code of practice: DHF TS 011:2019 clearly states that all swing and folding gates should include protection against hinge failure:  ‘Swing […]

  Our 230 Vac BRAINY and 24 Vdc BRAINY24 control panels are suitable for 1 or 2 motors. They are easy to install and ideal for swing and sliding gates, roller shutters, or industrial doors. Both models have a built-in LCD display and 433.92 MHz 64 code radio receiver with 3 codes, including ARC (Advanced Rolling Code), Rolling Code, and Programmable Code.    We are keen to draw your attention to the unique protection code that can be set on both the BRAINY and BRAINY24. […]

  We have recently launched Be Connected in a bid to support our customers, no matter where you are located. Covid has forced us all to adapt to new ways of working, but we have focused on the positive and learned new ways to stay connected. The focus around Be Connected is to provide our support services which […]

  We are delighted to confirm we are now an official UK distributor of DoorBird. We are so excited to expand our current intercom range to include the DoorBird IP video door stations. Using the most innovative IP technology, DoorBird IP Video door stations ensure customers never miss a visitor. With a DoorBird IP video […]

The exclusive IRI.LAMP is set to flashing light as default but can be adjusted with some simple steps to adapt it into a solid, courtesy light. The lamp has a unique design which sets it apart and is available in two options, white and yellow.   The IRI.LAMP is the only model to manage all power supplies from 20 to 255 V both alternate or direct. The lamp runs off an incredibly low […]

  Quite often we receive calls from the end-user regarding their electric gates, as the product bears the Beninca logo and not that of the installer. We always confirm that Benincà UK do not sell directly to the end-user, as our products are designed specifically for professional gate and security installers. We only sell directly to trade customers, who are backed with product knowledge and have sufficient […]

Anyone in the automation or construction industry will be aware of the dramatic and sudden cost increase of steel, importantly the raw material, and the impact this is having on industries. Our range of HI-MOTIONS products, including hardware accessories for cantilever gates, sliding gates, and sliding doors are all steel products, many of which come […]

Part of the IRIDE range, the IRI.KPAD digital keypad comes in an aluminium external case, with a polished glass-effect front panel and back-lit LED chrome-plated metal buttons. Not only does the keypad look incredibly stylish but it delivers maximum protection against vandalism. Incorporating advanced technology, the IRI.KPAD works to provide your premises with additional security.  The IRI.KPAD is quick and easy to install and is available in two versions, wireless and wired. […]

  For a considerable period of time, we have been preparing for the UK to leave the EU and as such, we have been working extremely hard planning for all scenarios.  Regardless of the outcome, we wanted to ensure Brexit would not leave us in a difficult situation and so, as part of our contingency plan, one of the main focuses has been ensuring we substantially increase our stock holding across […]

All Benincà products are extensively tested, researched, and developed by our mechanical and electronics engineers. They are consistently looking to push the boundaries and design highly specialised products. When designing the BOB range, our engineers explored the possibilities of including FACE gearing within our swing gate operators. For anyone that isn’t familiar with FACE gearing, […]

As we all know, Brexit has been the main topic of conversation over the past 4 years (with a little break due to COVID), and on the 31st December 2020 at 11pm the United Kingdom left the European Union.  There is still a lot of uncertainty, especially for businesses trying to quickly and efficiently implement the new changes, however, we wanted to reassure our […]

  Beninca UK have seen a huge increase in the demand for automatic bollards. Automatic bollards provide a safe and efficient solution for controlling traffic flow and vehicle access, ultimately protecting people and places.  RISE are one of the six companies that fall under the Benincà Group and already have a well-established range of automatic bollards, sold globally. At Benincà we strive to be #automationspecialists and are continuously looking to develop our brands and […]

  Following on from our recent blog post featuring the Benincà TO.GO transmitters, the Benincà ONE.2 radio receivers are compatible with these and provide a superior level of security combined with the ARC (advanced rolling code) technology.  The ONE.2WB is a 2 channel boxed 433.92Mhz radio receiver that needs to be added within the enclosure and control panel upon installation. This can sometimes be difficult due to limited space and so, we’d like to draw your […]

Our TO.GO transmitters are small but mighty and are the most important element of an install for the end user, allowing them control of their system by a simple click of a button.   Over time, Benincà have improved the TO.GO transmitters and previous editions such as the TO.GOWV have been discontinued and made way for the new TO.GOVA transmitter, available in both 2 and 4 button options. The TO.GO2VA and TO.GO4VA are super secure with 128bit advanced rolling code […]

On Sunday 24th January, we experienced our first heavy snowfall down in Berkshire, where Benincà UK is located. This has been threatened for a while and whilst it brings joy for many, it can unfortunately cause problems for your electric gates.  With that in mind, we wanted to flag how below freezing temperatures and adverse weather can take its toll and impact […]

As the UK has now left the EU, we would like to bring to our customer’s attention a very important update around new UK legislation and the requirement for UKCA marking.  As a company and industry impacted by this post Brexit change, we want to pass on our knowledge and understanding around the new legislation and have compiled a list below of useful questions you may be looking for the answer to:  What […]

The brand new XLB Benincà enclosure is the latest product to follow on from the SB, HB and LB versions. Benincà have made improvements to the previous editions, with the new XLB including a front clip connector and has three different entry points for wires giving an overall neater solution for installation.   The new XLB is […]

January hits hard, but January combined will full lockdown, definitely hits harder than ever before. Unfortunately, there is still a huge stigma around mental health but 1 in 4 people will experience a problem of some kind each year in England, so for anyone reading this, we want to tell you:  It’s ok if today isn’t your day! […]

COVID-19 Update Following the recent announcement by the UK Government, we wanted to provide customers with a short update. With this now being our third lockdown, we feel confident we already have a number of additional safety measures in place to allow us to continue with business as usual. However, if 2020 taught us anything, […]

From everyone at Beninca UK, we say Thank You! 2020 will go down in history as an exceptional year. It’s definitely had its ups and downs and challenged everyone in ways we couldn’t have imagined, but what has remained constant throughout, is the continued support of our loyal customers. This year more than ever, we want […]

In the run-up to Christmas, we would like to make our customers aware of our opening hours over the festive period. Christmas Opening Hours Please be aware our office will be closing for the Christmas period on Wednesday 23rd December 2020 at 5 pm and will be reopening on Monday 4th January 2021 at 8.30 […]

As we approach the end of 2020, this year marks 10 outstanding years of Beninca UK, with the company originally launching back in 2010. We have been reflecting on those 10 years and everything the business has accomplished over time, from numerous new product launches, an expanding team, along with most recently moving to a […]

We wanted to make all customers aware of a temporary suspension to timed deliveries over the Christmas Period. Our courier partners have informed us they have temporarily suspended all pre 12 and pre 10.30 am timed deliveries from now until the 3rd January 2021. Therefore during this period, we will only be able to offer […]

Black Friday is fast approaching and we have some very special offers lined up for Friday 27th November. To gain VIP access to these exclusive deals ahead of the day, we are asking all customers to simply sign up. So don’t miss out and make sure you are officially on the list today by signing […]

Benincà’s growth has been exceptional over the past 40 years, and today the company encompasses the Benincà Group, which is made up of six individual companies; Benincà, CAB, Hi Motions, Rise, BYou, and myone.   Benincà Group was formed over time to respond to the ever-changing demands and requirements of the automation industry. The individual companies that fall under the Group, each specialise in different products, whilst also […]

Lockdown 2.0: We remain OPEN and FULLY OPERATIONAL. Following the recent announcement from UK Government, we have been reviewing the guidance closely and wish to make all our customers aware of the following changes to our working practice between Thursday 5th November 2020 until Wednesday 2nd December 2020. We are pleased to inform you all […]

Now it’s officially December, we would love to invite all our customers to join us for some Christmas cheer on Friday 13th December at our premises in Newbury, Berkshire. We will be serving up warm mulled wine and delicious mince pies from 1 pm onwards within our showroom. On Friday 13th, the entire Beninca UK […]

  With Black Friday deals coming in fast and furious, we bring you our very own ‘TURBO Friday‘ the only deal you need to be aware of this coming Friday 29th November. Black Friday has become one of the most controversial shopping dates of the year. Love it or hate it, there are some exceptional […]

As well as recently increasing the size of our premises, we have once again increased the size of the Beninca UK team. We’ve had the pleasure of welcoming Meg Sudlow, joining us as Administrative Assistant in early September. Meg studied at Cours Ste Catherine de Sienne in Normandy (north of France) and then undertook a […]

We were very happy to see our new training room officially in use on Thursday 14th November, with the first-ever DHF training course in full swing and being held within our brand new premises. Guests were welcomed on the day into our stylish training room and undertook the 1-day Level 2 Award in Automated Gate […]

We are continuously looking for talented individuals to join our growing team and are therefore delighted to announce Ben Mackie who joined in August as Sales Representative. Ben was seeking a new challenge from the world of PPI and with his go-getting approach and interest of the world of gate automation, Ben has made the […]

This year a number of the Beninca UK team have decided to step up and take part in Movember. The team will all be growing a moustache throughout November in a bid to help to raise awareness and stop men dying too young. If you want to get involved or find out more information around […]

Don’t miss out! There are still spaces left on the DHF Automated Gates Safety Certificate course being run completely by DHF but hosted by Beninca UK this November. The one day course will be held on Thursday 14th November, 9am – 5pm in our new state of the art training room at our premises in Newbury, […]

  Our recent Open House event held on Friday 27th September was a huge success, with General Manager Jamie Berry officially opening the doors wide to our new premises, alongside the Beninca UK team and supported by our Italian founders. We had a fantastic turn out on the day and were thrilled to welcome so […]

Exciting things are happening at Beninca UK and we are proud to announce that due to our continued growth, we have officially cut the ribbon and moved into our new much larger premises.   Our new premises are now 11’700 sq ft, a dramatic increase in comparison to our previous premises at just 4’000 sq […]

We are extremely proud of our Italian heritage, being a satellite branch of Beninca in Northern Italy. To be able to say all our products are designed, manufactured and tested within the Italian factory sets us apart from our competitors, giving our customers peace of mind in knowing all our goods from within the Beninca […]

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