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Benincà Proper Job – June 2024 Winner

Cantilever sliding gate with bespoke laser cut design in Bedfordshire, by Urban Skies Ltd



Urban Skies Ltd, with over 20 years of experience in the construction industry, excels in architectural metalwork and a diverse range of projects including pergolas, sliding shutters, and large-scale automated gates. Their impressive portfolio, available on their website, showcases their versatility and expertise. For this particular project, their customer based in Flitton, Bedfordshire, reached out looking to secure the main entrance of their property with a cantilevered sliding motorised gate. The customer had been working extremely hard renovating their house and during the restorations, a character birch treen sadly had to be removed from their garden. The customer wanted the gate design to pay homage to the birch tree, as it was a real feature to the property and admired by the local village.



When we posed the question of challenges to Tom Swain, Director at Urban Skies, he confirmed there were no significant challenges encountered during this project. This reflects the competence of their installation team and the meticulous selection of gate automation and hardware, ensuring a seamless and efficient process.



Urban Skies powered the cantilever sliding gate with a Benincà BULL624 TURBO sliding gate motor. This fast 24 Vdc gear motor is perfect for intensive use, featuring an integrated control unit and virtual encoder. It is particularly suited for domestic applications that require maximum performance and speed, operating at 25.5 m/min with a 600 kg load capacity. The motor’s switching power supply (115/230 Vac) reduces energy consumption and extends the actuator’s lifespan. Additionally, Urban Skies selected the Hi-Motions XM series kit, which includes 2x 8-wheel support rollers, guide rollers, limit stops, and a galvanised guide track.

Cantilever sliding gates are known for their durability and reliability, offering a robust solution that avoids the common wear and tear of traditional sliding gates by not rolling along the ground. This also results in minimal noise during operation, thanks to the guide track.

For access control and gate safety, they also installed the Optimus E1K GSM intercom and the gate is also fitted with ASO Safety Solution resistive edges so that the installer satisfies their responsibility under gate safety legislation.

To find out more information about the wide range of sliding gate automation we offer including both domestic and commercial motors, please click the link – View Sliding Gate Automation. 



Congratulations to Urban Skies for creating this stunning laser cut cantilever sliding gate. We are pleased to award Urban Skies with our June Proper Job award, adding them to our official wall of fame. The exceptional feedback from their customer, who was delighted with the design and final product, is a testament to their dedication and craftsmanship. “The customer wanted a striking piece that was outside the typical designs on the market. They were really happy with the motion, design, and functionality of the product and have received plenty of positive feedback from local residents” says Tom Swain, Director at Urban Skies.

Urban Skies offers a range of services including design, 3D modeling, fabrication, installation, maintenance, and project management. For tailored projects that suit your specific requirements, we highly recommend reaching out to Urban Skies. You can make an enquiry via their website.

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