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The New Generation of Benincà BULL Sliding Gate Motors

Benincà has recently expanded its sliding gate motor line-up by introducing the new “SE” range, the latest generation of BULL 24 Vdc sliding gate motors. This addition makes the BULL range the most comprehensive selection of sliding gate motors for domestic and small commercial installations.


Enhanced Features of the New BULL.SE Range

The BULL motors have long been known for their reliability, and the new ‘SE’ range builds on this reputation with several enhanced features. The BULL.SE motors have been redesigned to offer:

  • Lower Power Consumption: Optimised for efficiency, these motors consume less power, making them more environmentally friendly and cost-effective.
  • Improved Movement Control: The refined design ensures smoother operation and better control over the gate’s movement.
  • Precise Deceleration Control: Enhanced deceleration mechanisms provide more accurate stopping, reducing wear and tear on the gate and motor.


Advanced Connectivity and Control

The BULL.SE range includes an integrated receiver equipped with ARC (Advanced Rolling Code) technology, capable of storing up to 2,048 radio transmitters. This feature allows for a high level of customisation and control. Additionally, the motors can be managed remotely via the Be.UP application and the Pro.UP interface, offering professional-grade connectivity and user-friendly operation.


Control and Precision

The control unit, strategically located on top of the motor, features an integrated switch-mode power supply. This design enables high-frequency control, allowing for more precise adjustments of the motor’s acceleration and deceleration phases, ensuring smooth and reliable operation.


Guaranteed Operation During Power Outages

All models in the BULL SE series come with an integrated battery charger and are designed to accommodate batteries within the motor housing. This ensures continuous operation even during power outages, providing peace of mind and uninterrupted security.


Explore Our Range

To learn more about our sliding gate automation solutions and to find the best option for your domestic or commercial project, explore our full range here: Sliding Gate Automation.

With the new BULL.SE range, Benincà continues to set the standard in sliding gate motor technology, offering products that are efficient, reliable, and packed with advanced features for superior performance.

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