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Since announcing we are an official UK distributor of DoorBird, their unique video door intercoms have proved a massive hit. This Black Friday week, we’ve had over 44 products at exceptional prices, including Benincà products, alongside some of our fantastic partner products. Today is the final day and we’d like to focus your attention on […]

Whether you are looking to automate doors, gates, or barriers, installing a Telguard Optimus GSM intercom will allow you to meet the access control demands from that site. Delivering performance and reliability, Telguard intercoms are renowned for their exceptional build quality and durability. Within our exclusive Black Friday Week deals, we have included the Telguard […]

In a league of their own, our HYDRO 24 rams are renowned for their premium build quality and outstanding performance. With several 24v hydraulic motors on the market, we want to run you through what sets the CAB HYDRO 24 apart: NEW patented *patent pending* linear encoder, the HYDRO24 has maximum operating safety, as the […]

This year we’ve gone big and have some incredible Black Friday deals available all this week. If you signed up to join us ahead of our Black Friday Week, you will have now received our deal brochure. Full of outstanding offers running across 44 different product lines, our trade customers are able to secure discounts […]

  We are excited to announce we are now an official BEA distributor, adding their unique laser safety scanners to our portfolio.  We proudly stock the LZR-i100, i110, and H100 laser scanners, which are ideal non-contact sensing solutions in vertical and horizontal positions. The BEA LZR-i100 / LZR-i110 safety sensors: Designed to be installed alongside an […]

We have recently expanded our DoorBird offering and now stock the D2102KV IP video door station: This new model has two call buttons, making it an ideal choice for houses and buildings with up to two units. Once installed, a DoorBird IP video door station allows the end-user to see and speak to visitors from […]

With security at the forefront of end users’ minds and a driving force behind most new electric gate installs, ensuring our products guarantee the highest level of security is a priority. The ‘Password’ symbol was created specifically to represent our control panels that allow for a unique protection code to be added. This additional function allows the installer the […]

We are continuously reviewing and developing our products to ensure they meet the needs and requirements of our installing customers. Our Hi-Motions range of cantilever hardware already offered customers variety, with an extensive range of sizes. However, with vital feedback from our customers and upon reviewing products currently available, we identified a gap within the […]

The BISON35OTIL with its three-phase electromechanical geared motor can be connected to a 230 Vac single-phase network. A unique factor, as commonly we see larger capacity gate motors demand a higher voltage supply. The fact the BISON35OTIL can be powered by a single-phase supply makes it much more accessible for a range of environments. Capable […]

Since it arrived in the UK, the BISON motor has generated an impressive reputation as a genuine heavy-duty commercial sliding gate motor with proven reliability in the field. When a motor has a reputation for performance and reliability, you know you have a good thing! The BISON was our first motor to offer inverter technology […]

Since its introduction to the UK market in 2018, the Turbo range of sliding gate operators has proved to be a very valuable asset in the armoury of Beninca UK’s automation products. With opening speeds of up to double that of the existing BULL range, motors bearing the ‘turbo’ symbol have opened up a whole […]

Following on from our recent blog post where we explained our ‘STC System’ symbol, this week we will be covering the ‘Turbo’ symbol. Much like the name would suggest, Turbo stands for high speed.     This unique symbol is only ever associated with products with an opening speed much higher than standard values. You […]

The EVA traffic barrier is the perfect solution for controlling traffic access and securing car parks. Available in three different lengths, including 5, 7, and 8 metres, it is suitable for both commercial and industrial applications. With easy installation, once the barrier is installed it will work to control and secure the entry point, only […]

BRAINY24.T has been in circulation since 2018 but is now the staple panel for all 24v kits where the panel is not incorporated into the motor. Whilst the panel has had new features within the EPROM software, the biggest change is within the hardware of the panel, importantly the transformer. The BRAINY24.T now has a […]

Underground operators are the ideal choice for when clients request discrete gate automation. Our electromechanical underground operators are specifically designed to be installed underground, with each model as standard coming with a length of 1.5m cable to wire directly into the control panel. We are always looking at ways we can make improvements to our […]

Capable of housing two PUPILLA photocells per post at different positions, once installed the all-new POL posts allow for the creation of a perimeter field. Please see the example below, column B includes 2 transmitters (TX1 & TX2) and column C contains 2 receivers (RX2 & RX3) this would be an ideal setup for swing […]

We are delighted to announce, the popular SENTIR safety edges we hold in stock have recently undergone a product upgrade. The newly upgraded safety edges now include a Plug ’N’ Sense assembly system, with the new assembly plugs now equipped with a new permanently elastic sealing compound, as well as a protective cap. Compared to […]

Did You Know? You can link up to 4x RF transmitters into each of the two channels of the SC.RF receiver, making them extremely versatile and cost-effective for your wireless safety edge requirements.  There are numerous safety measures and products we can recommend for electric gate installs depending on the requirements and circumstances, however the most popular and common gate safety device to add is rubber contact safety edges.   Our RF transmitter and SC.RF receivers are the perfect wireless solution for safety edges, […]

We are known for having ‘strength in depth’ when it comes to being part of a group of companies and today, we review some products from RISE.  The demand for automatic bollards is rapidly increasing and with RISE, we have an extensive range of automatic bollards, suitable for both residential and commercial environments.  We have automatic, semi-automatic, and fixed bollards, all of which are designed to provide maximum security and protection, […]

The MAXIMUM M30 automatic bollard is the newest addition to join the RISE offering and has officially arrived here at Benincà UK.  Capable of stopping a truck weighing 7,500 kg whilst moving at a speed of 48 km/h, it has secured several noteworthy certificates. With a bollard diameter of 275mm and a height of 900mm, alongside the substantial foundations, it really does look the part in our trade […]

Did You Know? Our BULL TURBO can store up to 512 transmitters within the onboard receiver instead of the standard 64 available on most onboard receivers. This avoids the need of adding any additional receivers on large housing developments or commercial units and means you can utilise the additional functions that come with an onboard receiver.   Our turbo range of operators are fast […]

Our 750 safety cable is made of galvanised steel and is a very simple, yet hugely effective safety device. Once fixed around the gate post and gate hinge area of a swing gate, the cable works to provide protection in the unfortunate event of hinge failure and will ultimately stop the gate from falling.  Following an update to legislation in 2018, the DHF code of practice: DHF TS 011:2019 clearly states that all swing and folding gates should include protection against hinge failure:  ‘Swing […]

The exclusive IRI.LAMP is set to flashing light as default but can be adjusted with some simple steps to adapt it into a solid, courtesy light. The lamp has a unique design which sets it apart and is available in two options, white and yellow.   The IRI.LAMP is the only model to manage all power supplies from 20 to 255 V both alternate or direct. The lamp runs off an incredibly low […]

Part of the IRIDE range, the IRI.KPAD digital keypad comes in an aluminium external case, with a polished glass-effect front panel and back-lit LED chrome-plated metal buttons. Not only does the keypad look incredibly stylish but it delivers maximum protection against vandalism. Incorporating advanced technology, the IRI.KPAD works to provide your premises with additional security.  The IRI.KPAD is quick and easy to install and is available in two versions, wireless and wired. […]

All Benincà products are extensively tested, researched, and developed by our mechanical and electronics engineers. They are consistently looking to push the boundaries and design highly specialised products. When designing the BOB range, our engineers explored the possibilities of including FACE gearing within our swing gate operators. For anyone that isn’t familiar with FACE gearing, […]

  Beninca UK have seen a huge increase in the demand for automatic bollards. Automatic bollards provide a safe and efficient solution for controlling traffic flow and vehicle access, ultimately protecting people and places.  RISE are one of the six companies that fall under the Benincà Group and already have a well-established range of automatic bollards, sold globally. At Benincà we strive to be #automationspecialists and are continuously looking to develop our brands and […]

  Following on from our recent blog post featuring the Benincà TO.GO transmitters, the Benincà ONE.2 radio receivers are compatible with these and provide a superior level of security combined with the ARC (advanced rolling code) technology.  The ONE.2WB is a 2 channel boxed 433.92Mhz radio receiver that needs to be added within the enclosure and control panel upon installation. This can sometimes be difficult due to limited space and so, we’d like to draw your […]

The brand new XLB Benincà enclosure is the latest product to follow on from the SB, HB and LB versions. Benincà have made improvements to the previous editions, with the new XLB including a front clip connector and has three different entry points for wires giving an overall neater solution for installation.   The new XLB is […]

Meeting the needs of the customer is key to our continued success, by Jamie Berry History tells us that sliding gate motors have been at the forefront of all things Benincà. Just over forty years ago, Aldo and Luigi Beninca, two brothers designed and manufactured their first product. Whilst working at the family farm, the creation of a rack and pinion motor to move a sliding gate was the beginning […]

  With Black Friday deals coming in fast and furious, we bring you our very own ‘TURBO Friday‘ the only deal you need to be aware of this coming Friday 29th November. Black Friday has become one of the most controversial shopping dates of the year. Love it or hate it, there are some exceptional […]

  The BULL20 HE sliding gate operator is sturdy, with its high performance geared motor for intensive use with oil lubricated reductions. Ideal for industrial and multi-occupancy gates, with its new electric motor designed to guarantee intense cycles of use, even in undesirable environmental conditions. The control unit has a built-in encoder which guarantees maximum […]

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