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Product Highlight, The New BULLHE.REV

The new BULLHE.REV motor is a 230v 1400KG sliding gate motor. This product has been born from an adaptation made to the BULL20.HE. The unique part of this intensive use sliding gate motor is the reversible motor with an electric brake in both open and close phases. This gives the end user the ability to operate the gate manually, with ease, and without the need for using a release key in the event of a power failure.

The screw gear motor is reversible, so when no power is supplied to the motor you have a ‘fail safe’ solution where the gate can easily be moved manually. This may be a requirement for a fire access or a low-security site where the gate is the only means of access therefore the reversible nature of the BULLHE.REV allows for easy operation in the event of power failure.

Simon of SRH Gates & Railings recently used the BULLHE.REV and said the following:

“Working on a multi-apartment site the management agent required the ability to move the car park gate manually in the event of a power failure. Whilst this operation is not unusual, where you would usually train the users in the use of a manual release key, it was deemed not reliable or realistic for all apartments/users to have manual release keys or to leave a key nearby. We discussed this with the sales team at Beninca UK and the BULLHE.REV gave us exactly what we needed, normal operation you’d expect from the BULL motor but with a reversible motor in the event of power failure. Customer happy, job well done!”

The BULLHE.REV is in stock, please call our sales team on 01488 658 276 for more information.

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