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Choose the Locinox ELECTRADROP Electric Drop Bolt for Enhanced Gate Security

The Locinox ELECTRADROP an electrical drop bolt provides a reliable solution for safeguarding automated gates against both wind pressure and power failures. When you choose the ELECTRADROP, you add an extra layer of security to shield your gate motors from external forces. This versatile addition proves to be a perfect fit for both commercial and residential swing gates.

The electrical drop bolt, boasting a 120 mm extension, provides a robust anchorage in the ground. It effectively stabilises the gate wings, relieving strain on the electric motors, whilst adding another level of protection to the perimeter.

When customers are in search of an electrical drop bolt or any locking mechanism for their swing gate, our recommendation consistently is the ELECTRADROP. This device seamlessly complements gate automation, ensuring maximum resistance and delivering the utmost security in the form of a robust “lock.” We particularly endorse the ELECTRADROP for electric swing gates in areas prone to severe winds and challenging weather conditions.

To get a quick and easy installation overview of the popular Locinox ELECTRADROP electric drop bolt for gates, check out this informative video. VIEW HERE!

For more detailed information about the ELECTRADROP, you can download the datasheet here. If you have any questions or require further assistance, please don’t hesitate to contact our friendly and knowledgeable sales team at 01488 658 276 or reach out via email at

Alternatively, explore our wide range of Locinox Products on our website by following this link, view here.



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