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The new VENUS motorised gate closer for pedestrian gates.

Introducing the brand-new Locinox VENUS motorised gate closer

Specifically designed for pedestrian gates up to 1400 mm and 100 kg. VENUS is a brushless motor specially designed for semi-manual or fully automated outdoor use. The VENUS gate closer can be installed at lightning speed and continues to operate in all weather conditions (IP54) and is virtually indestructible.


Designed for pedestrians gates

Pedestrian gates are used more intensively and treated differently than large gates. The VENUS brushless reversible motor effortlessly accommodates every human action. Furthermore, the gate will not fully close until all individuals and objects have safely passed through due to the inclusion of integrated obstacle detection.


Compact and robust

All the components, including the revolutionary steel gearbox, motor and motor control, power supply, warning light, and all electronics, are enclosed within a compact aluminium housing. Literally all-in-one.


Extremely reliable

The VENUS motorised gate closer is equipped with a reversible brushless motor rated at 150 Nm. VENUS guarantees controlled closing in just 5 seconds after the gate has been opened. This leaves plenty of time for wheelchair users and pedestrians, even those with bicycles. Thanks to its self-disengaging system, it is impossible to block the VENUS, which drastically reduces the need for after-sales service.


Easy Installation

To make life easier for installers, the VENUS motorised gate closer comes with a plug-and-play installation process. The motor, electronic board, input/output connectors, flash lamp and software are fully integrated into the aluminium case. VENUS offers ease and versatility of installation. The VENUS is delivered with the arm depending on the configuration. Installation is via Quick-Fix plugs. As soon as the 230 V wiring is connected, the VENUS immediately functions as a gate closer. And that’s not all: by simply connecting any type of access control to one of the inputs, you can turn the VENUS into a low-energy gate opener. Gate closer Push-and-go Gate opener.

What makes the Venus motorised gate closer special?

  • Safe, reliable operation thanks to low-energy speed control and integrated obstacle detection
  • All-in-one gate operator with integrated power supply and circuit board, input/output connectors and indicator light.
  • Easy setup with free mobile app


Ideal Applications:

  • Bike shelter
  • Private homes
  • Schools
  • Public Spaces
  • Commercial Offices
  • Healthcare
  • Airports


If you require any more information on the brand-new Locinox Venus gate closer, please get in touch with our friendly sales team, who will be able to answer any questions. You can reach them on 01635 811 811 or drop them an email at

Alternatively,  you can find out more information about Locinox and the products we stock here – VIEW MORE INFORMATION.

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