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PRO.UP for remote programming and diagnostics.

There’s a new arrival in the world of connectivity… Introducing the PRO.UP for remote programming and diagnostics.

Enter the era of seamless connectivity with the Pro.UP—a cutting-edge gateway device from Benincà, designed to transform the way you interact with compatible products. The PRO.UP device, works in tandem with the Be.UP and Be.PRO apps, and opens up a world of possibilities for remote programming, diagnostics, and control.

PRO.UP in Action:

The PRO.UP device acts as a bridge between your compatible Benincà product and the Be.UP and Be.PRO apps, offering a wealth of functionalities at your fingertips. Once connected to the control unit, installers gain access to real-time information about the gate’s/barriers status, inputs, and the ability to send commands—all from the convenience of the app. Furthermore, the app allows for parameter adjustments, logic modifications, error message readings, and even firmware updates for the control panel.


Currently, the PRO.UP is compatible with the following Benincà products:

  • BULL624 TURBO / 1224 TURBO (after firmware update)
  • BULL624SE – Available March 2024
  • BULL1524SE – Available March 2024
  • SAM
  • TRUST24
  • HYBRA24 (after firmware update) – to be superseded by BRAINY24.PLUS
  • JIM3
  • DIVA.3 / DIVA.5 (after firmware update)
  • BRAINY24.PLUS – available April 2024
  • BRAINY PLUS (230v) – expected 2024
 Be.UP App:

The Be.UP app, available on both Android and Apple stores, is a dedicated tool for Benincà professional installers. Utilising the PRO.UP board, the app mirrors the structure of the control unit menu, providing detailed descriptions of each function for easy access and control.

The Be.UP app offers a comprehensive range of functionalities, including:

  • Diagnostics and Programming
  • Event Planner
  • Error Checking and Alarms
  • Radio Transmitter Management & QR Reading
  • Firmware Updates
  • BeMove System Configuration
  • Manuals, Instructions, News & Tutorials
Be.PRO Web Portal:

For those who prefer a PC-based solution, the Be.PRO web portal is an equivalent platform with additional features. In addition to the functionalities provided by Be.UP, Be.PRO offers the following enhanced options:

  • Full Configuration Management
  • Document Logs
  • Motor Current Absorption Graphs

With the PRO.UP, Be.UP app, and Be.PRO web portal, Benincà has entered a new era of convenience, efficiency, and control for professional installers. Embrace the power of remote programming and diagnostics with these innovative tools, setting a new standard for connectivity in the industry.

 Download the Be.UP app from Google Play or the App Store to experience remote programming like never before.


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