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Learn more about the RF transmitter & SC.RF receiver

Did You Know? You can link up to 4x RF transmitters into each of the two channels of the SC.RF receiver, making them extremely versatile and cost-effective for your wireless safety edge requirements. 

There are numerous safety measures and products we can recommend for electric gate installs depending on the requirements and circumstances, however the most popular and common gate safety device to add is rubber contact safety edges.  

Our RF transmitter and SC.RF receivers are the perfect wireless solution for safety edges, as they are so quick and easy to install. 

Our RF single channel transmitter works with the SC.RF receiver on 868Mhz frequency for wireless safety edge transmission. You can program up to 4 x RF transmitters into each of the two channels of the SC.RF receivers, making them extremely versatile and cost-effective for your safety edge requirements. 

The transmitter is available in two models; as standard the RF unit is battery powered with 2 x AA batteries with a 2 year expected battery lifespan. Alternatively, the RF.SUN model incorporates a small solar panel that will recharge the battery which will trickle charge the battery all year round. The RF & SC.RF is also available in an 869Mhz frequency with both models utilising a N/C or 8K2 input. 

If you would like to find out more detail about our Benincà RF transmitter, SC.RF receiver, or any of our other gate safety products, please click hereAlternatively, if you have a question for our team, please do get in touch, you can reach us on 01488 658276 or 

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