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Make way for the brand new Benincà PUPILLA.T photocell.

The Benincà ‘PUPILLA’ is a well-established, well recognised photocell, used by many in the UK as the go-to photocell product. The compact design and build quality are two stand out features which make the PUPILLA so popular.   

Always looking to expand and innovate, Benincà have been working hard on a new model, to allow even further reach to new customers within the market. To this end, the latest addition to our photocell offering is the brand new PUPILLA.T. The main difference from the original PUPILLA is that the internal swivel ball enabling the 180-degree rotation has been removed. The new PUPILLA.T allows for the PCB to be positioned at three different angles. The set three positions: front, right, and left, ensure complete precision and accuracy. You can of course still install the photocells in the standard way, facing directly at one another (see example A below) but can also position them on the back of the post too with the lens fixed to either position B or C (see example below). With this new design, we have managed to keep the fundamental identity and reliability of the product but through more efficient production we have reduced costs allowing even further competitive edge. 



In a bid to reduce our environmental impact and minimise waste, you will now find the PUPILLA.T instructions printed on the inside of the box. So please do take note of the instructions before discarding the packaging. In the meantime, if you would like to familiarise yourself with the new PUPILLA.T, you can view / download the datasheet below. 

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Please be aware, that as standard and moving forward all our kits will now include the new PUPILLA.T photocells. However, if you do require the original PUPILLA photocells these are still available to purchase separately or speak with your sales advisor and you can upgrade your kit price to include the PUPILLA product code, not the new PUPILLA.T.   

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us on 01488 658 276 or 

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