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NEW 10 metre cable length option for the DU.IT14NVE & DU.350NVE

Underground operators are the ideal choice for when clients request discrete gate automation. Our electromechanical underground operators are specifically designed to be installed underground, with each model as standard coming with a length of 1.5m cable to wire directly into the control panel.

We are always looking at ways we can make improvements to our product range and on this occasion have now added the option to upgrade both the DU.IT14NVE and DU.350NVE. You can now upgrade the kit to include a 10-metre length of cable, providing you with much more flexibility when wiring the motor.

Two key benefits of having 10 metres of cable are:

  • On most gate systems, having 10 metres of cable length will give the installer the option of wiring even the furthest motor from the control panel directly back, alleviating the need for additional cable joints and preserving the cable colour coding.
  • It also ensures that the motor cables are of the correct specification.

If you would like to upgrade to 10 metre cable instead of the standard 1.5 metre length, simply request this upgrade on the kit when placing your order with a sales rep.

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