Meet the brand-new SPARTACUS bollard

Spartacus is the latest innovation from the range of bollards produced by RISE, the Benincà Group company focussed on producing safety systems and access control solutions. With an extensive portfolio including automatic, semi-automatic, and fixed bollards, as well as turnstiles, and pedestrian access points, the new Spartacus bollard expands the RISE offering, being an oil-dynamic bollard with an independent hydraulic pump.

Mirco Cantele, Brand Sales Manager of RISE explains, “Rise’s mission has always been to reinforce the Smart Moving promise, which for us means uniting technology and design in products that guarantee high standards of security and performance”.

In recent years, the demand for bollards has increased dramatically, as they make ideal access control and protection solutions. Bollards can be installed and used as an essential tool in highly-sensitive places, such as banks, as well as used in locations such as pavements or cycle paths, to protect pedestrians,

Like all its predecessors, the Spartacus bollard produced by RISE guarantees high technical and functional standards. The Spartacus incorporates hydraulic technology which works to minimise the wear and stress on mechanical components, we’ve also seen a natural progression to incorporate Beninca electronics (controls panels) to operate the new style of 230v bollards.

The Spartacus hydraulic bollard is available in either 200 mm or 275 mm diameter and also two height variations: 600 and 800 mm. Available in either black graphite or stainless steel, each model in the Spartacus line includes LED systems for visual signalling when in motion and a security system that facilitates unlocking in the event of a power failure.

For full details on the brand-new Spartacus bollard, you can down the datasheet below:


We have also just taken stock of our first delivery of a SPARTACUS bollard in 275 mm diameter / 800 mm height, which you can come and see for yourself in our demo area. We’re certain you won’t be disappointed!

Explore our extensive range of rising bollards.

We are known for having ‘strength in depth’ when it comes to being part of a group of companies and today, we review some products from RISE.  The demand for automatic bollards is rapidly increasing and with RISE, we have an extensive range of automatic bollards, suitable for both residential and commercial environments. 

We have automatic, semi-automatic, and fixed bollards, all of which are designed to provide maximum security and protection, whilst controlling access. Depending on the specific environment and requirements, bollards can be used to protect and safeguard vehicles, properties, and people. 

We stock both electromechanical and hydraulic automatic rising bollards under our Vigilant, Force, and Hydra ranges, all designed and produced to the highest quality standards.  

Our VIGILANT range of automatic electromechanical bollards run off a very low power consumption but are capable of a high number of cycles. With the optional extra of battery back-up within the panel, you can operate the Vigilant range even in the event of a power failure.  

These bollards are fast and easy to install compared to other competitor options on the market, due to the foundation box that can be assembled on-site without welding. The VIGILANT, FORCE and HDRA are available in two finishes, including powder coated steel or stainless steel finish, and come in two different heights, 500mm and 800mm. 

Most recently, we have expanded our bollard range to include the brand new Maximum M30 crash-rated bollard. Capable of withstanding the impact of a vehicle of 7,500kg, launched at a speed of 48 km/h, the Maximum M30 has secured outstanding certifications. This bollard is ideally suited for high security and sensitive locations. To find out more detail about the impressive Maximum M30 bollard, please click here.

If you would like to find out any more information around our range of bollards or want to discuss the right bollard for your exact requirements. You can reach us on 01488 658 276. 

Make way for the all-new RISE MAXIMUM M30 automatic bollard.

The MAXIMUM M30 automatic bollard is the newest addition to join the RISE offering and has officially arrived here at Benincà UK. 

Capable of stopping a truck weighing 7,500 kg whilst moving at a speed of 48 km/h, it has secured several noteworthy certificates. With a bollard diameter of 275mm and a height of 900mm, alongside the substantial foundations, it really does look the part in our trade counter. With an E.F.O (Emergency Fast Operation) emergency function, it is capable of a rapid rise of 1.5 seconds. 

All of the above makes the MAXIMUM M30 the ideal choice for environments requiring a high level of security, such as military bases, police stations, and any other sites of a sensitive nature. 



The MAXIMUM M30 has obtained certifications IWA 14-1, PAS68 and ASTM2656, with a relative dynamic penetration value P of -0.8 m. Specification sheets often refer to a penetration grade P1, which according to ASTM is obtained when the truck bed does not pass beyond the bollard by a maximum distance of 1 metre. The negative penetration value obtained by the MAXIMUM M30 (-0.8 m) indicates that the truck bed stopped 0.8 m in front of the bollard, thus achieving an even more high-performance result 

The foundation bore is compliant with standard EN124 (40T) and the positioning of the hydraulic pump, independent for each bollard and positioned laterally, facilitates maintenance operations as well as preventing damage in the event of an impact. The control centre allows the management of up to 2 bollards contemporaneously. Blocking the bollard in the risen position is guaranteed even in the absence of an electric current (with the ability to manually unblock). 


Watch the MAXIMUM M30 undergo its impressive crash-test: 


Please click below to download the MAXIMUM M30 datasheet: 

Maximum Datasheet


The MAXIMUM M30 is now proudly on display within our trade counter here at Benincà UK and is also held in stock, available for purchase this summer (2021). So why not visit us and see for yourself or contact our sales team for more information. They can be reached via the phone on 01488 658276 or via email at