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The all-new Hi-Motions 750 Safety Cable for Swing Gates.

Our 750 safety cable is made of galvanised steel and is a very simple, yet hugely effective safety device. Once fixed around the gate post and gate hinge area of swing gate, the cable works to provide protection in the unfortunate event of hinge failure and will ultimately stop the gate from falling. 

Following an update to legislation in 2018, the DHF code of practice: DHF TS 011:2019 clearly states that all swing and folding gates should include protection against hinge failure: 

‘Swing and folding gate systems produced since 2018 (post publication of EN 12604:2017) should be protected against hinge failure such that if a hinge fails the gate will not drop nor move more than 300mm off its vertical axis. They should also be protected against being lifted more than 50% of their hinge pin length.’ 

By adding the 750 safety cable you are mitigating the risk of single point failure and adhering to the latest regulations. We always recommend the 750 safety cables are fitted around the gate hinges at both the top and bottom, to provide maximum protection 

All the 750 safety cables have a range of 800kg and are available in four different sizes including: 

– 750.401 is 400 mm long 

– 750.501 is 500 mm long 

– 750.601 is 600 mm long 

– 750.701 is 700 mm long 

If you would like any more detail around the 750 safety cable or would like to place an order, please contact our team on – 01488 658276 

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