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The IRI.KPAD keypad, available in both wired or wireless versions.


Part of the IRIDE range, the IRI.KPAD digital keypad comes in an aluminium external casewith a polished glass-effect front panel and back-lit LED chrome-plated metal buttonsNot only does the keypad look incredibly stylish but it delivers maximum protection against vandalism. Incorporating advanced technology, the IRI.KPAD works to provide your premises with additional security. 

The IRI.KPAD is quick and easy to install and is available in two versions, wireless and wired. Both allow for an access password to be set, protecting the system from unauthorised users attempting to change the settings. There is also the option to set a 3-minute keypad block after 5 failed attempts. 

The keypad is extremely user-friendly and when the buttons are pressed, both IRI.KPAD versions give clear activation signal, via the audible buzzer and LED light. 

As noted above, the IRI.KPAD digital keypad is available in two versions, wired and wireless.  Here are the key differences:

IRI.KPAD – Wireless version: 

  • Equipped with 3.6V battery ensuring long lifespan. 
  • Up to 50m range from control panel or receiver. (in normal surroundings)  
  • Triple coding: The wireless version handles three types of code: Rolling Code, Fixed Code and Advanced Rolling Code (ARC), the last of which guarantees absolute security. 
  • Can memorise up to 254 PINs. 

IRI.KPAD.C – Wired version: 

  • 12 or 24 VAC/DC power supply. 
  • Can function in two modes, standalone or remote control. 
  • Standalone allows the memorisation of 30 PINs 
  • Remote control mode allows the memorisation of up to 254 PINs and guarantees maximum security against intrusion. 


By installing a digital keypad, you can: 

  • Increase the security of your premises and safeguard your assets. 
  • Emit the risk of lost keys and the cost of replacements. 
  • Quickly and easily change the PIN code, as and when required.  

If you have any questions regarding the unique and exclusive IRI.PAD digital keypads that we have available, please do get in touch. Contact us today to speak with a member of our team and they can provide knowledgeable advice and help you find the best product to suit your requirements. 

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