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TO.GO Transmitters with Dual Code & Back Compatibility

Our TO.GO transmitters are small but mighty and are the most important element of an install for the end user, allowing them control of their system by a simple click of a button.  

Over time, Benincà have improved the TO.GO transmitters and previous editions such as the TO.GOWV have been discontinued and made way for the new TO.GOVA transmitter, available in both 2 and 4 button options. The TO.GO2VA and TO.GO4VA are super secure with 128bit advanced rolling code technology.  

ARC Technology: Delivering higher levels of security and reliability. 

Thanks to the length of its transmitted code, our new 128bit Advanced Rolling Code (ARC) provides maximum security. Compared to the older 64bit rolling code, the new ARC technology offers a transmitter that is virtually impossible to clone. 

Dual Code 

The TO.GOVA transmitter is equipped with dual coding, which means it can be set to Advanced Rolling Code (128bit) and standard Rolling Code (64 bit).  

Back Compatibility 

As standard, the TO.GOVA comes with 128bit encryptionso is suitable and requires no adjustments for new installs. However, a common issue flagged by installers upon purchasing a new 128bit transmitter, is that the new transmitter is not compatible with existing and older equipment which is set to 64bit. The dual coding solves this problem, allowing the installer the option to switch the transmitter to the required 64bit code (HCS), with a simple two button sequence. 

The video below gives instructions on how to change a TO.GOVA code type: 


As you can see from the video there are some simple steps you can perform to switch the TO.GOVA code type, however, if you do have any further questions our technical team would be happy to assist. 

You can also click to download the TO.GO Datasheet here!

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