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UKCA marking: FAQ’s 

Will UKCA marking apply throughout the UK? 

  • No, UKCA marking will only apply in Great Britain (comprising England, Scotland & Wales) CE marking will continue in Northern Ireland which will remain aligned with the EU single market in terms of trading goods. 

What does this mean for Benincà UK? 

  • As it stands, the current CE marking on products produced by Beninca with relevant EU declarations and instructions remain valid within the market for a further 12 months until 31st Dec 2021. 

What does this mean for our customers installing kit? 

  • Whilst Beninca produce and Beninca UK sell, partly completed machinerythe installer is classified as the Systems integrator / Manufacturer upon completion of the machine.  

As the Manufacturer you are responsible for:  

  1. Ensuring your product complies with the relevant GB rules. 
  2. Drawing up documentation such as a declaration of conformity.  
  3. Adding the UKCA mark to the complete system / machine. (only once the above is complete) 

What is a Declaration of Conformity? 

  • A DOC is a formal document supplied by the manufacturer or authorised representative (the installer) to the enduser upon completion of work, stating the product meets all the relevant product supply legislation.  

How will the UKCA be applied? 

The complete machine / system must bear a UKCA plate, mounted visibly, legibly and indelibly containing: 

  1. The responsible company’s name and address 
  2. A product designation or serial number 
  3. SMSR 2008
  4. The year of manufacture 

What size must the UKCA mark be? 

  • The size of the UKCA mark must be at least 5 mm high, and the letters kept in the same proportions to the full-sized mark. These exact same rules apply to the current CE mark. 

*Please note all information above has been sourced via: 

DHF : dhf TS 11-12 supplement Dec 2020  

UK GOV: Using the UKCA marking

HSE: UKCA Marking – FAQ’s

If you do have any further questions or concerns, we have linked to useful pages, including the DHF, UK Gov and HSE sites, for further information. 

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