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Uncover what makes our BOB above ground operators unique!

All Benincà products are extensively tested, researched, and developed by our mechanical and electronics engineers. They are consistently looking to push the boundaries and design highly specialised products. When designing the BOB range, our engineers explored the possibilities of including FACE gearing within our swing gate operators.

For anyone that isn’t familiar with FACE gearing, it refers to the gear wheel with the cogs mortised into its face, usually in conjunction with a lantern pinion. Face gear enables the transmission of the drive through an angle and are commonly used in high power, high precision applications, particularly within the aviation sector.

Benincà have secured a patent for the use of FACE gears within the linear swing gate operator which is the BOB design. The patent concerns the 90 ° return of motion of the internal bevel gears. (highlighted in the picture below)


The inclusion of FACE gears within our BOB operator really sets them apart, as it is quite rare to find FACE gears in situations like ours, as touched on above, most commonly FACE gearing is used by manufacturers for helicopter tiltrotors.

The FACE gears within the BOB offer huge advantages in terms of weight and load distribution on the teeth, especially when used for multiple transmissions, compared to traditional bevel gears.

Key advantages the FACE gears bring to the BOB:

  • Reduced sensitivity to misalignment and low transmission errors, making the motor very silent.
  • The teeth geometry guarantees a better distribution of the stress, allowing a higher resistance to heavy loads, impacts and general wear and tear, delivering a smooth operation.

We often refer to ourselves as #automationspecialists, and the patent above is a prime example of where Benincà lead the way by producing innovative products, combined with state-of-the-art mechanics.

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