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Will automatic bollards protect my car on the driveway?

Will automatic bollards protect my car on the driveway?

Will automatic bollards protect my car on the driveway?
Do you have a luxury vehicle you want to protect? Would you like an extra layer of security on your driveway? Do you need a convenient, practical solution?

Introducing the SPARTACUS automatic, hydraulic bollard. Our oil-dynamic bollard with an independent hydraulic pump. The SPARTACUS bollard has one of the highest specifications on the market today, with a supreme hydraulic performance that has been rigorously tested up to 3500 cycles per day. In recent years, automatic bollards have emerged as a great option for protecting individuals’ vehicles and properties. These bollards not only provide security and enhanced protection but also prioritise convenience and practicality. The DVLA has recently disclosed that over 130’000 vehicles were reported stolen in 2023, representing only the reported cases. This indicates a concerning increase of over 20% compared to the previous year. With this alarming statistic in mind, there has never been a better reason to consider installing automatic bollards on your property.

Security & Protection

Installing high-quality automatic bollards onto your driveway is a great solution to prevent car theft. These bollards act as physical barriers, deterring unauthorised access and potential thefts. Given their significant security advantages, installing bollards not only protects your vehicle but will also add protection to your home and its possessions. You should also speak with your insurance company; we know of discounts that some users of RISE bollards have received due to the additional security of the typical driveway parking location that is protected by a bollard.


Compared to a manual bollard, an automatic bollard provides a significantly more convenient and practical procedure. Our SPARTACUS model can be operated with various accessories, depending on the device you choose to install it with. For instance, when operated by a remote, you can lower the bollard with a simple click of a button upon arrival at your driveway. Likewise, it can rise again upon command from your remote. The simplicity of using an automatic bollard is definitely a game-changer and another reason why many customers choose automatic over manual.

Quality & Reliability

Manufactured in Northern Italy, our SPARTACUS range has been crafted to the highest quality. Unlike other cheaper alternative products on the market, the all-new SPARTACUS oil-dynamic bollard guarantees high technical and functional standards. With innovative hydraulic technology designed to reduce wear and stress on mechanical parts, it’s tailored for intense usage. With a supreme hydraulic performance that has been rigorously tested up to 3500 cycles per day, the SPARTACUS bollard has one of the highest specifications on the market. Not only does the SPARTACUS bollard have fast-rising and lowering speeds of between 3-5 seconds, but it also has another unique selling point. The smart position of the hydraulic pump is laterally positioned below ground and separated from the cylinder to avoid damage in the event of impact. This is also ideal to facilitate simple maintenance.


Another significant advantage of our SPARTACUS line is its sleek and stylish design, which addresses the concerns many homeowners have regarding their house’s aesthetic. Available in stainless steel or powder-coated finishes, and offered in multiple heights and diameters, RISE bollards seamlessly integrate into various environments. Additionally, the SPARTACUS features built-in LED lights that indicate motion, further enhancing both its appearance and functionality.

Overall, automatic bollards are a great solution to keeping your luxury cars secure and protected. With many benefits including security, high quality, reliability, and convenience, these amazing pieces of machinery have the ability to prevent car thefts by simply blocking the vehicle’s movement. Our SPARTACUS bollard range sets the standard for excellence in this market and provides all the required essential features. Therefore, for homeowners with luxury cars, installing an automatic bollard should be a straightforward decision.

If you would like more information regarding our SPARTACUS bollard range, you can get in touch with our sales team on 01488 658 276 or email us at sales@beninca. You can also visit our dedicated landing page here:


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