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X912S Akuvox Smart Intercom | Product Highlight

X912S Akuvox Smart Intercom

As you may be aware, we have recently announced our latest trusted partner, Akuvox. As a global leader in the access control industry, we are thrilled to reveal that we are now an official distributor. This week we spoke to our Assistant Manager, Jack Crawford, regarding the X912S Akuvox smart intercom. Jack shares his thoughts on the product as he highlights its benefits and explains why he would recommend this intercom to our installers.

Can you explain the X912S Akuvox Smart Intercom and its benefit?

In my opinion, the Akuvox X912S is one of the best IP intercoms I’ve seen hit the market. Whilst certain products can appear to look bulky and ‘heavy’, the X912S distinguishes itself with a sleek and modern design with strength to match boasting it’s IK10 impact protection rating. The intercom itself gives the user complete independence and freedom over their access control with its in-depth cloud-based configurator, giving you the ability to make extensive changes wherever you are in the world. The Smart intercom combines audio and high-resolution video functionalities to enable seamless communication and access control. Furthermore, this state-of-the-art intercom system is designed for compatibility with a diverse range of third-party protocols and security systems, enhancing its versatility and applicability in various settings.

What makes the X912S Akuvox Smart Intercom unique?

Integration – The X912S can be implemented to work alongside existing SIP phones, CCTV, and multiple other protocols.

Expandability – It doesn’t matter if you’re using it for a single dwelling or a block of 500 apartments, the X912S has the capability to do it all.

Clarity – The intercom is equipped with a HD camera, so you know exactly who it is wanting to come in.

Control – Using the cloud-based software, the end user and installer have the power anywhere in the world to make changes and check settings.

Access – Facial recognition, Bluetooth, RFID, QR codes, keypad codes – there are multiple ways to gain entry.


Why would you recommend this product to installers?

I struggle to find a fault with the X912S. With internet connections continuing to improve in reliability, the use of smart intercoms proves advantageous. Unlike GSM intercoms, there are no ongoing costs to worry about, a simple ethernet connection is all that’s required. As the unit itself utilises MAC addresses, you can even set the product up from your office, the days of installing intercoms in the cold and sideways rain is now a thing of the past.


What situation/site is ideal for the X912S Akuvox Smart intercom?

Residential Complexes – The intercom is perfect for controlling access to residential buildings, providing residents with secure and convenient communication with visitors.

Commercial Properties – Businesses can utilize the X912S for secure entry control, ensuring that only authorized individuals are able to gain access.

Educational Institutions – Schools and universities can benefit from the enhanced security features, controlling access to campus buildings.

Healthcare Facilities – Hospitals and clinics can use the intercom for controlled entry to restricted areas, maintaining a secure environment.


Where can I find out more information?

If you would like more information about the X912S Akuvox Smart Intercom, you can visit our partner page online here: or for any enquiries you can speak to our team on 01488 658 276 or email them at

If you would like to place an order, you can also reach our team on 01488 658 276 or email them at


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