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1 year extension for Benincà UK to meet UKCA marking rules

The UK Government confirmed on the 24th of August 2021, businesses will now have an extra year to start implementing the new product safety marking (UKCA) on pieces of partly completed machinery.

Following Brexit and the Government’s original guidance, we informed customers we would be working to ensure all our products would be compliant with the new UKCA mark applied by the original deadline date of the 1st of January 2022.

Whilst we are still working very hard behind the scenes, we are grateful for the extension given the amount of work involved. We can therefore confirm all our products will now have the UKCA marking and overall compliance to Supply of Machinery Regulations act 2008, by the new deadline date of 1st January 2023, unless we communicate this any earlier. So, customers can continue to expect to receive and see our products without change for the near future, with the current / approved CE mark safety label.

Please note this does not change any of the rules for our trade customers, we would still like to stress the UKCA mark extension only affects individual products and components known as pieces of partly completed machinery such as the gate drive or control panel for example. A complete gate system is classified as machinery, with the installer being the systems integrator / manufacturer. So, upon completion of any installation of new machinery, all installers must apply the UKCA mark to the complete system as per rules in place from January 2021.

For more details on this, please refer to our original blog post:

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